25.10. Seinäjoki Int

This year’s Seinäjoki International dog show was Baltic in many ways. We had an excellent judge from Estonia, Ms Dina Korna and also we had a chance to meet friends from Latvia, which does not happen very often especially in a show held a bit northern part of Finland. We had Zer-girls back in the ring and also Robi and Guindi were again with us after 6 months. We had also a great pleasure to meet new friends and have an excellent dinner in a good company at Sokos Hotel Lakeus.

Imbrez Forever Fenway

Imbrez Forever Fenway at Seinäjoki Int

Robi started the Saturday morning. He showed himself just like the last time in January in Turku International. Movements were there and boy he enjoyed a company of other dogs and specially our girls.The only boy in a pack of three girls in the trip. Result Open Class first and Best Male 3rd after two Champion Class males, did not unfortunately give us the last CC for CH title, but this really was a storm warning.

Imbrez Forever Fenway at Seinäjoki Int

Imbrez Energizer

Imbrez Energizer at Seinäjoki Int

Last show for Dina was also in January in Turku Int, that time owner handled. This was the third time to me I was able to show Dina. She had had some more body and matured very well. Still her sporty family has given her enough excecise to keep her steps flying. Open class 1 st and Best Bich 2nd after a nice Latvian girl was good results for the start of the CC hunt. See you soon again. 

Imbrez Formalizer at Seinäjoki Int

Imbrez Formalizer

Era was in the great condition, and both movements and body were really nice. Era has also a new show coat coming and she may be suffered a bit of her short coat length for the day. There defenitely will come more coat and some more weeks will do good for her. Era’s last time in the ring was in Rovaniemi in August. Era was the other girl Anu was groomed for the show this time. The other one was BS bitch who won open class. I do have to say, grooming lessons for Anu have really paid of and I had a pleasure to see two beautifully prepared girls in the ring.

Imbrez Zer-girls moving at Seinäjoki Int

And look how the Zer-sisters moved!

D'Altomonte Guindilla at Seinäjoki Int

D’Altomonte Guindilla

Guindi has had also a new coat after few shows in spring. This girl is really fun to show and travel with. Her attitude to other even to strange dogs and people is so open. Guindi also loves the attention in the ring. Today the ring schedule was not the best for Guindi but squeky mouse toy took away the boredome of cage waiting before the ring. Small package with great topline and beautiful movements.That were what Guindi is made of. Intermediate Class 1st, but unfortunately no placement in the Best Bitch class. Thank you Nora again for this possibility to have fun in the ring with this little girl.  

Thank You friends, see you soon again!