7.-8.11. Tarto Int, Estonia

Few years have gone since we have visited Tarto. The show venue was still very small and there were no room for cages or tables.

Hall B on Saturday

Hall A on SundayBut we still loved to be in this show, even that about 40 % of dogs were from Finland. This was two day circuit and we had unsure pleasure to stay over night in a huge 70’s hotel, but we slept well anyway. 

Rehe Hotel TartoRehe Hotel room

On Saturday we had Mr Rade Vesic from Serbia judging blacks and pepper and salts. Mr Mark Cocozza from UK took black & silvers. On Sunday we had Jose Monteiro De Barros Cabral from Portugal judging blacks and black & silvers and Mr Mark Cocozza from UK judging pepper & salts. On Sunday evening we could say that opinions of the judges varies alot. The only winner on both day were our Lucky’s (Imbrez Idolizer) son Russkiy Assorti’c Khristofer Mey who was BOS on Saturday and BOB and Group 2nd on Sunday. And it is very seldom we are not happy with 4 new titles in the same weekend.

Imbrez Forever Fenway New Estonian CH to come

Imbrez Forever Fenway

On Saturday Best Male 4th with excellent critique and on Sunday Best Male 3 with Estonian Certificate and Res-CACIB. We still have some more to do better. Robi still needs his last Certificate from Finland to become double champion. Unfortunately rings were exactly at the same time in different halls, and there are no pictures of Robi (which really is shame, so handsome he was now).

Imbrez Energizer New Estonian CH to come

Imbrez Energizer

Were second on both days and got reserve-CACIB also both days. We were lucky to get Certificate for her on Saturday. And Dina also becomes double champion when the last certificate from Finland after two year’s age is received.

Imbrez Energizer New Estonian CH to come

Imbrez Energizer New Estonian CH to come

Imbrez Get Bizzy

Black Jack was unplaced both on Saturday and Sunday. We do have to say that 7 black champion class males were something to see. Congratulations to Mikaela for Saturday’s win!

Imbrez Get Bizzy on sunday at Tarto

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost new International Champion C.I.B.

Made our day on Saturday. Thus there were not many bitches to win she was only second on Saturday, but on Sunday she took what was hers with Niina. BOS, Best Bitch with Estonian Certificate and CACIB. We didn’t even realize that she was only one CACIB away from International Champion title. She is far from what she was last summer, so we are very pleased that her presence and flying movement was enough to finish her title. Now we just wait for her International champion title to be confirmed, which will take defenitely some more days to confirm than her new Estonian Champion title.

Imbrez Opera's Ghost Flies at Tarto

Jelena and BOB & Group 2 Russkiy Assorti'c Khristofer Mey

BOS on Saturday and BOB and BIG2 on Sunday, son of our Lucky (Imbrez Idolizer) Russkiy Assorti’c Khristofer Mey. Pictured here superbly handled by Jelena on Sunday!