4.10. Tuulos Group Show

Third time in Tuulos for me. This time the judge secretary had made an interesting judge line-up using mostly Estonian and Finnish judges. We had a pleasure to show our dogs to Scottish Terrier breeder Ms Viive Maranik. Yes she is from Estonia, but speaks most fluent Finnish as well.

Imbrez Lucky Luke

Imbrez Lucky Luke BM2 at Tuulos

Luke had his fourth show of the fall. He has learnt a lot and I have to say that this was maybe the best performance from him. Also front movements were kept together and side movements were what we have used to. Luke has become more easier to handle all the time and the standing today was excellent. Last show of this circuit gave him Open class 1st with Excellent and CQ and he ended up to second best male with reserve-certificate.

Imbrez Lucky Luke moves at Tuulos

Imbrez Lucky Me

Imbrez Lucky Me BOS with CC at Tuulos

We have had a huge pleasure to have Nasti in our home for one month. She has gained weight and learnt a lot from her new friends in our pack. This was the second time I was able to show Nasti and have to say that this was a real pleasure. I just love dogs who can move and keep their toplines even when running. I am a quite tall man so I do not run every time, but today we did. Floor was not the best and a bit slippery without carpets (show was held in parking garage) and that might also be one reason why she did not have all her feet on the floor but in my opinion Nasti just flew around the ring all the way to Best Bitch and Best Of Opposite. Thank you Anna. It was not easy to give her back home after these weeks, but I know we will have her again some day.