21.5. Helsinki IDS

Last week we had 9 dogs in the show rings around the country. This weekend only 3. So this felt like a holiday because so many dogs had already filled their expectations with amount of certificates. Also the weather changed to summer and we had very wide smiles on our faces… Unfortunately Mr A. Belkin had to cancel his judging appointment but we still were happy to show our dogs to Mrs. Elena Kuleshova from Russia.

Imbrez Just Don’t Get It

Imbrez Just Don't Get It at Helsinki IDS

Another great performance from ”Forrest”. Nice and easy movements and proud standing is what we always expect from this handsome guy and we received them again. Judge was a bit too strict with the height and 36,5 cm was too much today. So we were happywith Excellent. No best male placement for Forrest today.

Imbrez Light Of My Life

Imbrez Light Of My Life BOB, CERT and CACIB at Helsinki IDS

As you can see ”Venla” did it today. She really wanted to show herself and receive the last needed cert. Now she may stay at home for the weekends and we will be back in the ring after many, many months… Indeed I will miss her, showing her is such a pleasure. Speacially today. Thank You Minna for all your work. BOB, CACIB and CERT was nice way to finish this circuit.

Imbrez Doing It Right

Imbrez Doing It Right at Helsinki IDS

Indy was owner-handled for the second time in her life. First time was in January in Lahti and now they were in the ring again together with the owner Auli. Have to say that there were a huge difference in presentation between these two days. Thank You Auli, great work with Indy. Your way to handle her really works well. See you again next weekend.

Imbrez Spices Included

Imbrez Spices Included at Helsinki IDS

Roxie, first time in the ring as a champion and of course owner-handled as always. Nice movements and beautifull standing led to open class first over champion and best female 4th were the results of the day. Hopefully these two will continue their hunt. of cacibs.