14.5. Salo Group Show

This weekend was really demanding if we think about it from groomers point of view. 3 show in different cities around Finland and 9 dogs in these shows was quite a lot to do. But we had great people to help with groomings. Thank you Anna, Anu R and Tiina U. And great handlers: Anna, Anu R, Anu S, Emppu, Suvi and Tiina W.

And hey, we had a professional photographer with us. So if you wonder about the extra great quality of the pics, you can find more like this from www.roomeri.net. Thank You Jari Tuomi for all these classy shots!

At Salo we had 3+3 our salt & peppers in the ring. Judged by Mr Henry Stanley from Ireland.

Imbrez Leave The Light On

Imbrez Leave the Light On at Salo

Imbrez Leave The Light On was handled by Anu as usual. Sulo was in a bit short coat, but he still ended up to junior class first and Best Male 2nd with reserve certificate. Thank You Heljä and Anu for all your work with Sulo. He is doing better every time.

Imbrez Just Don’t Get It

Imbrez Just Don't Get It at Salo

Suvi and Forrest had quite fun in the ring. But the best poses were found from the end of class. They both were smiling. Movements were just great and Suvi get the best out of Forest this time. The tension from Imatra was almost gone.It will be easy to continue to Helsinki next weekend. Forrest ended up to open class 2nd. So happy with these two.

Imbrez Lucky Luke

Imbrez Lucky Luke BOB and new champion at Salo

(Pic: Jari Tuomi)

A new FI ch Imbrez Lucky Luke, Luke. I’m not sure how many hours of work has Camilla spent with Luke, but that has to be a lot. Luke is shown only few times a year, which is even more demanding for coat care. Luke’s movements have always been more than expected and same time his presentation was super. So we were more than happy for BOB and the last needed certificate.

Imbrez Light Of My Life

Imbrez Light Of My Life at Salo

(Pic: Jari Tuomi)

Junior class first and Best Bitch third were great results for the day. Again, that could have been some better, but she really didi it well. Always huge thanks to Minna for letting us show this little beauty.

Imbrez Doing It Right

Imbrez Doing It Right at Salo

Indy’s coat is almost ready for the shows. Maybe one more week and it will be there. She still has her movements and yes, she can move. Today Suvi handled Indy to Intermediate class 2nd.

Imbrez All Included

Imbrez All Included BOS and new champion at Salo

(Pic: Jari Tuomi)

Always a pleasure to show Iitu, Imbrez All Included. Her heat is about to begin and she could be a some more showy, but she did it very well. It has been a pleasure to have her at our home for these weeks. She has been a valued member of our pack and she really has enjoyed her posission at home. They had also built up an excellent relationship with Emppu and that might be the reason for Best Bitch, Best Of Opposite, Certificate and a Finnish, Estonian and Latvian titel, all with this win. It was nice to see how well they did it in the competition class. Emppu was in the ring for the first time ever and somehow I felt like these two girls were teaching each other. Any way, we could not be happyer!

Imbrez All Included BOS and new champion at Salo

(Pic: Jari Tuomi)

Imbrez Breeder group

Imbrez BOB Breeder Group at Salo

(Pic: Jari Tuomi)