19.-20.3. Riga 2 x IDS

Riga River

Here we go again. This time to Riga Latvia, for two International Shows. We had with us 4 dogs again, Piper, Kerttu, Crash and black Jack.

Riga Park

Our hotel was right in the city center, so the dogs got good socialization with plenty to see with big city life. Good one hour Friday night city walk for dogs was enough to put everyone to sleep.

Crash with Disco Lady at Riga


RES CACIB to Imbrez Get Bizzy from Riga

On Saturday, black Jack was second in Champion Class and also second best male with RE-CACIB. Crash got exact same results, also RE-CACIB and second best male. Kerttu won the Champion Class and made it all the way to Best Bitch with CACIB, the last one needed to finish her International Championship! We are SO happy!

Crash Reserve at Riga 2016

Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care new CIB from Riga

Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care BOS and New CIB

Myla's Cookies and Cream moves At Riga, Latvia

Myla's Cookies and Cream 2x BOB At Riga, Latvia

Finally, it was little Piper’s turn. She won the Junior Class of 3 bitches and also Champion Class bitch and became Best Bitch with her first Junior Certificate. Judge C.V. Sudarsan from India ended up placing Piper Best Of Breed in her first ever International show! When it clicks it just clicks. Piper was perfect, just perfect, and so much fun to show. 

I am still amazed how well Piper showed. Still puppyish, but she knew what was expected and behaved like a show pro. Training really paid off.

Piper at Group Finals


RES CACIB to Imbrez Get Bizzy from Riga both days

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla at Riga Latvia

Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care at Riga Latvia

On Sunday, another day, but similar results. Judge Juta Haranen from Estonia placed Jack also second, now after Saturday’s third male. As veteran dog won, Jack received another RE-CACIB with Best Male 3 result. The hunt for the last CACIB may continue. We decided to show Kerttu anyway, even she didn’t need anything anymore after Saturday’s win. Kerttu placed Champion Class second and Best Bitch 3. Piper repeated her results from Saturday. Another win from three bitces Junior class and Best Bitch Junior Certificate and Best of Breed. I’m so proud of my little girl! 

Myla's Cookies and Cream 2x BOB At Riga, Latvia

Myla's Cookies and Cream in Best Bitch competition At Riga, Latvia

Myla's Cookies and Cream 2x BOB At Riga, Latvia

It felt almost like spring when we started our drive back to Tallinn and towards home. By the time we got to Tallinn, the weather had completely changed and it was full winter again with snowballs on dogs’ legs. 

Riga Bridge

On the beach at Tallinn

Nice trip, super happy with Kerttu’s new International Show Championship title and Piper’s great start and two junior Certificates. It’s good to continue from here.

And thank you again Suvi for taking care of our dogs at home!


Videos from Saturday

Champion Class Pepper and Salt Bitches


Pepper and Salt BOB Competition


Best Male competition Blacks