2.8. Pori Int

Imbrez Batteries Included at Pori int

Imbrez Batteries Included

Harry was himself also today and showed and moved himself excellently. Unfortunately that was not enough for judge Lepasaar from Estonia and Harry did not get ck today also he came out without best male placement. Thank You Maria, this has bee fun all the way. Harry has learned alot while staying here in south and so have we. 

Imbrez Batteries Included moves at Pori int

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue

Just the hunt of her first CACIB was the meaning. And she won a RES-CACIB and get also CACIB because the winning Cheantake Just Like Juliet wa already INT. It has been a huge pleasure to train and show this little charmer. She is easy going girl at home but in the showring she do has enough temperament to show to the world. And yse she can move too! Thank You Minna, now it is time for few months holiday for Viivi.

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue at Pori Int.

Imrez Grand Operetta

Gained also RES-CACIB today by taking Best Bithc 4 th after beautifull intermediate class bitch and two veterans. There will be one more show for Diva before her autumn holiday. Hopefully we will see her owner handled in Turku.

Imbrez Grand Operetta at Pori int

Imbrez Grand Operetta moves at Pori int