25.7. Helsinki int

This time we were in Helsinki at the right day. And what a day it was. The second day in this summer we could use only T-shirt and we finally got also little tan on our skin… Helsinki International was well organised and the showground was almost a little empty maybe because of the reservation for three days. This show started already on Friday with two groups and it continues until Sunday.

Imbrez Grand Operetta BB2 at Helsinki int

Imbrez Grand Operetta

Diva started the day. This was her first time in Champion class after last weeks title in Hyvinkää. Diva moved well and showed herself almost as good as in Hyvinkää. This time her coat was still coming and was not good enough for judge Renee Sporre-Willes from Sweden. BB1 placement went to a beautiful Ravens Tot girl. Congratulations to Nadja! BB2 to Diva and RES-CACIB also. 

Imbrez Batteries Included BOB Junior with CAC at Helsinki int

Imbrez Batteries Included

The main thing today was Harry, defenitely. We have had a pleasure to keep Harry at our home for 1,5 weeks now. Boy, that has been fun time! He has gained weight, got more muscles and I have groomed him 4 times during these days. And we still have more than week to go together before he goes back home. The training made good for Harry and I have to say that it was something unbelievable to show this handsome guy for the first time in an official and even international show. Yes he has a nice profile, but unfortunately we did not get any pictures of his movements. They were something. 

Here’s Harry on the table with judge Renee Sporre-Willes, who gave Harry BOB-junior and Harry’s first CAC with BM2 placement. And Harry is now only 11 months. I do have to share this win with Anu Romppanen from Oulu. She has done excellent job with show training Harry. All those unofficial shows and also the Oulu 2x int show have really been good training to Harry. Also huge thanks to Harry’s owners Maria and Jussi for this possibility to have him for few weeks.

Imbrez All Included at Helsinki int

Imbrez All Included

Iitu has been in one more show than her brother Harry. Last weekend we were together in Hyvinkää, where Iitu got BB2 placement. Today In Helsinki, Iitu was too dark for the judge and received only very good critique. However we have big expectations to this little girl and just can’t wait to see her again.

Noveria Smashing Game (Imbrez Idolizer's son) BOB at Helsinki Int

BOB Noveria Smashing game on the left (Son of Imbrez Idolizer).