Show summer 2008

Toby (Esquire Rezlark) opened his CACIB-account in Pori International Dog Show, thank you, judge F. Hickey (IRL) for BOS, CACIB! In Kuopio Int. Dog Show, Toby was BM2, res-CACIB, (which will turn into a real CACIB later) thank you judge M. Talvitie (FIN). In Hämeenlinna Int. Dog Show, judge M.Markio (FIN ) placed Toby BM2 with CACIB, thank you! Now Toby concentrates on starting his official agility career as that activity does not require furnishing hair in legs…will be back in show rings when the legs are more than just four sticks!

 Sweet little pepper sistersSweet little pepper sisters

Our proud and joy, Zara’s little girls Mindy (Imbrez Weekend Special) and Wieno (Imbrez Weekend Away) started their show careers with excellent results, as both got their 2 CACs in no time. Now we just wait for the other syblings to follow. Thank you Heidi and Anna for the great work with these two adorable handfuls!

Nelly at ForssaNelly and Jessie

Nelly (Imbrez Lucky Esqapade) followed his daddy, Toby, and received second CACIB this summer! In Hämeenlinna International, Nelly was BB2, thank you judge M. Markio (FIN). CAC hunt will continue next summer. Thank you Heidi!

Dellenits Guess WhoJessie (Dellenits Guess Who) started her show career in May and received soon 2 CACs from Finland and 1 CAC from Sweden. Now this girl is also growing back her leg hairs, but as already said with Toby, in agility we don’t mind about small appearance matters. This little girl has definetely fun and high speed in agility track!