23-24.4. Lithuania, Siauliai 2xnat

2 girls and 4 dogs on the road again. Suvi and I travelled to Lithuania with salt and pepper Crash (Destineez Crash Run Into Myla) and Viivi (Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue), black and silver Piper (Myla’s Cookies’n Cream), and black Ferro (Imbrez Drop The Bomb).

Hotel view

Finally getting to Siauliai and founding our accommodation, then long walk with dogs after long drive. I believe dogs were pleased as they had their own bed. We stayed at guest house, next to the hotel it belonged to.

Hotel At Siauliai

The heating didn’t really work so some dogs in my bed were good exception this time. 


Imbrez Drop The Bomb

Imbrez Drop The Bomb BOS At Siauliai

The first show day was just rushing in and out of the ring as the show rules are so different in Lithuania.
Black minis started so the first ones in the ring were Suvi and her black male Ferro. Great job, and Lithuanian big certificate for Ferro. Then there was Piper, she showed well again, but Junior Class 2 for her from the Bulgarian judge Plamen Cholakov. Finally the salt and peppers, and Crash entered the ring in Champion Class, resulting also to 2nd placement. Viivi won the Open Class and got the Class Certificate, being 2nd bitch after Champion bitch

Myla’s Cookies’N Cream

Mylas CookiesN Cream at Siauliai

Mylas CookiesN Cream at Siauliai

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla At Siauliai

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue

Imbrez Fenwway Park Avenue at Siauliai

After show we quickly left the super crowded show ground and took a long walk in the city and it’s parks. There was old amusement park and climbing park next to our accommodation and it was good place to walk around with dogs. 

Dogs In the Park With Suvi


The next morning we took more time and were earlier at the show ground. There was strange local habit for people to put fences around big areas to guarantee their space at the show ground. I guess that’s the reason why it was so crowded for the rest. Another reason was the agility competition held in the same hall. However, the show continued in same order as on Saturday. Black Ferro got result Open Class 1 with Excellent. We had quite strict judge from Ukraine, and Piper was totally wrong type for her and again junior Class 2. Not so good starting point to enter ring with Crash when the judge has just told that she doesn’t like American type. Crash showed nicely, and I was pleased with him. Despite the type, Crash got Champion Class Certificate and also big Certificate (Winner N). Quite ironic was then that Viivi pleased our judge and she told that this is now the type she likes. I didn’t dare to say that she is Fenway and Hani daughter, dad being American and mom Hani out of two American dogs. Viivi won the class and got also the big certificate N. BOB was Veteran bitch and Crash was then BOS. 

Agility at Siauliai

We had to leave the show ground fast to catch the last ferry from Tallinn. Some scary moments on the road again as always in Baltic, but we made it safely and in time to Tallinn even it had snowed a little. The ferry was in Helsinki at 1 o’clock at night, and snow had changed into water so we started the last drive of the trip to home. But little we knew….especially the last 50 km were very interesting as there had been snowing quite heavily. Finally at home 3:30 and I’m just so glad again, that I had four wheel drive under.


After all, 3 out of 4 dogs got what we hoped for and as soon as Ferro and Viivi will be Finnish Champions, they can also apply for Lithuanian Championships.

Thank you Suvi for the great travelling company, and it looks like Piper has one more trip to Lithuania coming up soon. 

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