16.4. Tallinn Winner

Tallinn Winner was Suvi & Mikko trip this year while Niina spent time at home waiting for puppies to come. In Tallinn we had a judge to wait for, something different, really. Mr Franki Leug from China judged all the colors. The show venue, Saku Suurhalli, was really full of people. It was almost like Tarto show, but indeed unexpected.

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla moves at Tallinn Winner

Crash started the day with just excellent. No Certificate quality becaus of the straight front said critique. Otherwise Crash performed very well and it can be seen that he has already been in many shows in Europe. He is a fun guy to show and we did enjoy this time too.

Imbrez Too Bizzy to Care

Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care on the table at Tallinn Winner

Kerttu did it quite well. She win over the champion class but this time over finnish friends were in the first and second place and Kerttu took the third place at Best Bitch competition was the best placement today.

Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care moves at Tallinn winner

Imbrez Drop The Bomb

Imbrez Drop The Bomb at Tallinn Winner

After a very frustrated results in Kankaanpää, Ferro was again in his own level (indeed he was in his own level also at Kankaanpää). He was beautifully owner-handled by Ms Suvi Lauth. Good work again. Ferro received excellent with certificate quality, but unfortunately was not placed in the big Best Male class. 

Imbrez Drop The Bomb at Tallinn Winner