21.1. Turku IDS

Yes, that was really fun. And our judge came all the way from Japan. Mrs Sumiko Ikeda (kken Sunshine Palace) judged 23 salt & peppers. We started the day with Imbrez Green Light District. He had one win on his account just weekend before from Lahti. So we had a small preasure to continue on that road. Zen showed himself like never before and among the 13 males he was picked up as the best male.

Imbrez Leave the Light On 

Imbrez Leave The Light on at Turku

Anu handled Sulo to junior class second. and that went much better than in Helsinkin, but they still will have alot to train for.

Imbrez Green Light District

Imbrez Green Light District BOS at Turku IDS

I just loved the way this young fellow showed himself. ”Hello world, can you see me!” And that is what I would like to hear from all the dogs I show. He was defenitely worth his second certificate and BOS. Thank you Emppu for all your work with Zen.

Imbrez Junior males together

The Ligth-brothers


Imbrez Forever Fenway at Turku

Nice work on the table. Anu and Sulo posing.

Imbrez Idolizer at Turku

Imbrez Doing the Right Thing

Imbrez Doing It Right BB4 at Turku

It was almost perfect already on saturday. Suvi handled Indy almost perfectly and received BB4 placement after the job well done.

Imbrez Light Of My LIfe

Imbrez Light Of M LIfe at Turku

Anu handled Venla for the first time and it was not bad at all. A good training for sunday’s speciality show. Junior class second after Indy was a nice result.

Imbrez All Included

Imbrez All Included BB3 at Turku

Somehow I just love this little girl and I have done that since her birth. Ok, she is a bit dark salt & pepper, but when you stack her! That is beautifull. She could have some more ground covering movements, but we were so happy with Best Bitch 3rd placement in a classy competition. Than You Heidi for this posibility to show her again.

Imbrez Spices Included

Imbrez LIght Of My Life

Roxie, owner handled as always. It is easy to see that these girls just love each other. free stacking and sooo beautiful standing. In my opinion Roxie’s movements were also way better than her sister’s. Unfortunately ”only” open class 3rd this time. Great work Anna!


Imbrez Green Light District BOS at Turku IDS

Imbrez Breeders Group at Turku IDS