22.1. Turku Speciality

Turku Miniature Schnauzer Speciality, the Japanese Show, was held on Sunday. Blacks and salt and peppers were judged by Mr Masami Uruy and black and silvers by Ms Sumiko Ikeda.

We had altogether 12 dogs entered and this time we couldn’t have managed the handling and the preparations without our puppy buyers. The handling was totally outsourced for them in this show, Mikko being the chairman of the show and Niina not being able to walk after the knee surgery. BUT, we are so proud of our girls, well done! BOS and Best Bitch in Salt and Peppers as well in Black and Silvers, also BOS Veteran in blacks and several Best bitch and best male placements.  

The Japanese Show


Imbrez Green Light District

All four of our Light-pupppies were in the ring on Sunday, at first it was boys’ turn.

Imbrez Green Light District was in the ring for the first time with Anu. He was measured up till 36 cm on Sunday and got very good critique.

Imbrez Green Light District at Japanese Show


Imbrez Leave The Light On

Our fun master of the litter (he still is), managed to calm himself enough to become Junior Class 3 and Best Male 3. Well done also Anu with Sulo!

Imbrez Leave The LIght on at Japanese Show


Imbrez Light My Fire

Oh, he has matured so nicely since December, and we were so happy that Tiina had entered Alfred and come to Turku. Today’s critique was however very good, he was also measured to 36 cm. Must say big thank you to both Tiinas, it was a pleasure to see him! 

Imbrez Light My Fire at Japanese Show


Imbrez Forever Fenway

Robi was shown in Champion class after a little break in the show rings. Robi is mostly seen in the agility competitions nowadays, and with his energy that is no surprise. Also measured to 36 cm and very good critique today.   

Imbrez Forever Fenway at Japanese Show


Imbrez Light of My Life

Little missy today again in the ring with Anu. The way she showed was excellent, but today with very good critique. 

Imbrez Light Of My Life at Japanese Show


Imbrez Doing It Right

This couple surprised us all on Saturday with their easygoing coolness, and on Sunday they just left us speechless. Until we burst into cheers! Suvi showed Indy to Junior Class 1st, and after all the way to the Best Bitch and BOS. WOW. The judge was amazed how well developed forechest Indy had for her age (just 12 months), and by her beautiful effortless movements. Thank you and big hugs to Suvi and Auli. 

Imbrez Doing it Right at Japanese Show


Imbrez Doing It Right: Best Bitch, Best Of Opposite 

Imbrez Doing it Right BOS at the Japanese Show


Imbrez All Included

The next girsl in the ring were our Incs, both shown in Open Class, both still hunting for their las CACs. Suvi showed Iitu on Sunday, lovely work with this couple, Open class 2 with excellent.  

Imbrez All Included at the Japanese Show


Imbrez Spices Included

Always so happy to get visitors from half a country away! Anna and Roxie are just so pretty couple, practice does make perfect. Thank you Anna for coming and showing Roxie all the way to Best Bitch 3! 

Imbrez Spices Included at the Japanese Show


Included Sisters at the Japanese Show


Imbrez Breeder’s Class was also shown. Not the most perfect combination, but at least they were all in the happy mood. This picture just says it all. 

Imbrez Breeder Group at the Japanese Show


Pixbo Yours Truly

Oh Martta, 10 years old grand lady, still with lovely movement and pitch black harsh coat with hint of elegant grey in it. Today Veteran Class 1 and BOS Veteran. Well done again Annamaria and Marsu!

Pixbo Yours Truly at the Japanese Show


Imbrez Black Or White

To see Ansa back as Ansa has been, was one of the highlights for us. BIS winner of our American Speciality Show, also Champion class Winner, Best Bitch and BOS under Ms. Sumiko Ikeda today. Just lovely. 

Imbrez Black Or White at the Japanese Show


Imbrez Opera’s Ghost

Aave was another one of our black and silver Champion girls shown, today Champion class 2 and Best Bitch 4. From now on, Aave is seen in the agility fields only, where her speed is priceless. Thank you Anniina for showing Aave one more time! 

Imbrez Opera's Ghost moves at the Japanese Show


Imbrez Black or White and Imbrez Opera's Ghost at the Japanese show

This show was one of the big ones in many ways for us. Great show, long planning and bit of hard work to organize it. This year all the rings were almost completely sent by Facebook live and the videos can still be seen at the show site. What comes to our Imbrez Team. BIG THANK YOU, couldn’t have made it without you: Anu, Anu, Tiina, Suvi, Auli, Anna, Emilia, Emppu, Annamaria, Anniina, Elina, Esko, Milla and the rest of the gang!