Even with ears and tail, you can win almost everyone

On the first day in Tarto, Jessie went almost all the way to BB, but there was one bitch on her way. A beautiful Gently Born bitch took BB and Jessie was second. Jessie left several classy East European bitches behind. Thanks to judge J. Muldoon (IRL) for finding out our little girl. 

Pepper girl power
E, S, LT CH Sterling’ I’m Here to Imbrez
After several wins this summer, Happy continued with new and very short coat in 2 International shows in Tarto, Estonia. After being BOS in the first day, BB2 in the second day was really an achievement, maybe because of Happy’s moody performance. Since Happy got the third CAC from Estonia before than Sweden, she became new EE, S and LT champion at the same time.

Zara’s first champion daughter
Mindy is the first of Zara’s daughters who achieved champion title. Thank you judge M. Supronowicz (PL) for noticing this little girl. Thanks also to Nora and Heidi for handling Mindy to perfection: BOS, BB1, CAC, FI CH! Three shows before Turku International were also really close: with short and elegant coat, Mindy took BB3 placements both in Seinäjoki and Jyväskylä International shows. Thanks to Heidi and Jari for keeping Mindy in so excellent condition.