16.-17.8. Raisio All Breed Show

Team Imbrez at Raisio National Dog Show

Thank you! We are so proud of our puppy owners who showed their dogs SO well today at Raisio All Breed Show! Black and black and silver sisters Imbrez Grand Operetta and Imbrez Opera’s Ghost both BB and BOS with CACs. Salt and pepper sisters Imbrez Energizer and Imbrez Formalizer BB1 and BB2 with CAC and re-CAC. Zers are just 9,5 months old, love these juniors!  When Dina was also placed third in Group finals, the breeders couldn’t have been happier.


Imbrez Grand Operetta BOS 

Imbrez Grand Operetta at Raisio Nat


Imbrez Grand Operetta

Imbrez Grand Operetta (Diva) BOS and owner-handled. Johanna entered the show ring after 10 years and not a bad comeback! Thank you!


Imbrez Opera’s Ghost also BOS 

Imbrez Opera's Ghost BOS at Raisio Nat

Imbrez Opera's Ghost

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost (Aave) entered the ring with huge confidence with Anniina. And the result was nice in tough competition: BOS and the first CAC! Great work A&A-team 🙂


Imbrez Grand Operetta and Operas GhostSisters Diva and Aave with Johanna and Anniina.


Energizer and Formalizer BOB and BB2

Imbrez Energizer and Imbrez Formalizer at Raisio Nat

Imbrez Energizer and Formalizer


Imbrez Enegizer BOB at Raisio Nat

Zer-sisters competed today against each other. This was Dina’s second show and Era’s third official show. Today Dina kept better her four legs on the ground and was placed first. Finally she went BOB and Group 3rd. I’m certain that we will hear from these two in the future! Imbrez Energizer BOB with her first CAC and Imbrez Formalizer BB2 with re-CAC. Thank you breed judge Cathy Neill from Ireland and group judge Gunther Ehrenreich from Austria.

Imbrez Energizer and Formalizer


Below pictured Dina with Emilia and the big Group 3 rosette. Thank you Anu for visit with Era and thank you Taina and family!

Thank You Family Hiironen Imbrez Energizer BOG-2


Kamu and Enska help where its needed

Kamu Buddy Dog

Kaverikoirat (Buddy dogs for therapeutic work) were also awarded at the show. Our handsome Imbrez Joy Of the Fall (Kamu) and Ensio got also recognition for their valuable work. Well done and congratulations!

Onnittelut Enskalle ja Kamulle hienosta Kaverikoiratoiminnasta!


ZER-family meeting 

On Saturday we had a priviledge to have parents and 4 out of 6 ZER-puppies for a quick meeting. Lovely, just lovely litter. Thank you all for coming even it was such a short notice!

Imbrez Zer

From left: Antti and Sani (Optimizer), Olli and Siri (Stabilizer), Anniina with mother Taika (Imbrez Do I Know You), Elina with father Lucky (Imbrez Idolizer), Anu and Era (Formalizer) and on the right Taina with Dina (Energizer).