8.8. World Dog Show Helsinki

It seems like there was the time ”Before the WDS”, then WDS and now it’s the hangover time after WDS, it’s over. Something you wait and look for so long time, and whoops, its gone in a few hours. And in this case, it’s also something you work and work on for several months, just to get the coats and all grooming ready. Maybe it was not perfect, but it was excellent. We showed altogether 9 dogs, of which 7 Imbrez dogs, and what we are extremely proud of: 4 of those were owner-handled. On Friday, there were 6600 dogs from FCI groups 2, 4 and 8 in WDS. Miniature Schnauzer total was 460. We have never seen that amount before in the same day. Unfortunately not so many pictures as usual, but luckily still some pictures of all the dogs shown. Here we go.


Imbrez black and silvers in WDS: both placed in their classes

Imbrez Opera's Ghost at WW show

Imbrez Opera's Ghost moves at WW show

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost: Junior Class 4, handled by her owner Anniina (left in both pictures)


Imbrez Black Or White at WW show

Imbrez Black Or White moves at WW show

Imbrez Black Or White, Champion Class 3, handled by her owner Annamaria

Our most successful dogs in WDS were our two (and only) black and silvers. Junior ”Aave” Imbrez Opera’s Ghost was placed fourth in her class. And when the class has 29 entries (yes, 29 junior black and silver bitches!) we are more than pleased with the placement. She showed so well, thank you Anniina, you make a great team! On Champion Bitches, ”Ansa” Imbrez Black Or White was her usual beautiful self among 15 other champion bitches. Ansa was placed third in her class; absolutely wonderful, what more can we say. Thank you Annamaria!  Black and silver bitches were judged by Rui Oliveira from Portugal.


The last show for my veteran Multi Ch Esquire Rezlark 

Esquire Rezlark in Veteran Class at WW-2014, Helsinki. Age almost 10 years

Oh, so much fun we had again in the ring with Toby. Nearly 10 years old grand old man couldn’t almost hold himself together, so excited he was to be back in the show ring (well, there was meatballs and pork heart for treats, so no wonder). The competition was hardest ever, and the best we could do today among these 5 veterans was excellent and third in the class, so we concentrated on having fun. One can see how much Toby enjoys shows and loves to be the center of attention. For me showing Toby is what showing is about: enjoying and having fun with your dog. Showing and grooming Toby has also taught me a lot and these moments will be missed for sure. But now it’s time for Toby’s retirement. So I’ve decided. But never say never… Black males were judged by Jorge Nallem from Uruguay.

Debute show for Imbrez Energizer

Imbrez Energizer on the table at WW Show


Imbrez Energizer at WW Show

What a better way to start your show career than in the biggest possible dog show? ”Dina” Imbrez Energizer, just 9 months, debuted in WDS among 15 other S&P junior bitches. And so pleased we are with this little one: excellent critique from our German judge and fifth (last not placed dog) in the class. Let’s hope she can also show in the next shows, they might not be as luxurious as this one. 

Excellent Champion girls in the ring

Imbrez Do I Know You and Imbrez iDoll owner handled at WW show

We had three Champion bitches entered, but unfortunately couldn’t show Green Express as her coat was not now WDS quality. Luckily we still had ”Taika” Imbrez Do I Know You and ”Hani” Imbrez iDoll in the ring, both showed excellently and owner-handled. Well done Anniina and Heidi! What makes all our three salt and pepper bitches’ excellent critiques even more valuable is that they were judged by Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel from Germany 

Spice boys also excellent in champions

Imbrez Idolizer and Imbrez Monster Inc at WW show

Imbrez Idolizer (left) and Imbrez Monster Inc.

Sterling Green Monstah at WW show in the age of 7 and years

Sterling’ Green Monstah (7,5 years)

We had three dogs in s&p champion males: Imbrez Idolizer, Imbrez Monster Inc. and his father Sterling’ Green Monstah. This was a unique opportunity for us to show handsome Fenway in Finland, as only World and European Dog Shows make an exception and allow showing cropped and docked  dogs. Competition was tough, all dogs got excellent critiques, but didn’t place in 25 dogs’ huge Champion Class. It was impossible to try to follow all rings at the same time and as s&p bitch and male champions as well as black veterans were in the ring at exact same time, so some last moment changes had to be made, but all dogs were in the ring at the right time and all well at the end. Salt & Pepper males were judged by Adrian Landarte, Uruguay.

Imbrez breeder’s group placed 

Imbrez Breeder Group coming at WW-2014, 3 combinations

We rarely have 4 similar type and colour Imbrez dogs in the ring. This time didn’t make an exception but we decided to show our breeder’s group anyway because of the great show and opportunity. It looked more like two brace competition couples as you can see in the main picture. Two and two similar faces from two different breeding lines. Three combinations pictured above: Niina with Imbrez Monster Inc., Anniina with Imbrez Do I Know You, Heidi with Imbrez iDoll and Mikko with Imbrez Idolizer. There was 7 or 8 breeder groups so we were pleased to be placed fourth, judge was Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel from Germany.

Great well organized show, big rings and plenty of room in the halls. Now day after, when going through the catalogue and checking all breed results, just wish that there had been more time to follow all the colours and rings. And maybe a little note to yourself: do not enter that many dogs next time. But even it was busy day and we had to get up at 3 am to get dogs ready and drive to Helsinki, it was worth it. Thank you Team Imbrez: Annamaria, Anniina, Heidi, Elina and Jessica, we couldn’t have done this without your help. Dear friends, it was good to see you all, although we didn’t have that much time to talk, and big congratulations to those who succeeded well in the rings!