10.-11.12. Helsinki Winner and Finnish Winner

The last weekend we had the biggest Swedish show of the year, and this weekend two Finnish Winner shows, and must admit that we are glad that the next weekend is show free. 10 Imbrez dogs entered and super early mornings make these shows challenging, even they are also rewarding and can be considered to be like friends’ gettogether with some Christmas spirit.

Imbrez Crash The Party

Rudie, Imbrez Crash The Party, BOB-puppy at Helsinki 2016

The day started with puppy show where the oldest of our Crash-puppies was shown for the first time. Rudie, Imbrez Crash The Party BOB puppy with her pink prize. Thank you Anna, she is lovely!

Rudie, Imbrez Crash The Party, BOB-puppy at Helsinki 2016

At the moment we are kind of between the generations and the main effort was put to our future hopes in Junior class. Was quite amazing to see the whole salt and pepper Light-litter in the ring, 3 males and one female. Salt and peppers (56 entries) were judged by Mr M. Calin from Romania on Saturday and by Mr M. Nuijen from Netherlands on Sunday.

Imbrez Green Light District

Imbrez Green Light District Junior 2nd at Helsinki 2016

Zen, Imbrez Green Light District, excellent 2 and res-Junior winner on Saturday, and excellent on Sunday. This is the boy we are still thinking of he should stay at home…but he is adopted to Emppu now, thank you for taking good care of this handsome boy!

Imbrez Green Light District Junior 2nd at Helsinki 2016


Imbrez Leave The Light On

Imbrez Leave The Light On Junior 2nd at Helsinki 2016

Sulo, Imbrez Leave The Light On, very good on Saturday, and excellent 2 and res-Junior winner on Sunday. Well done Anu, it’s not easy to debute in the biggest show of the year.

Imbrez Light My Fire

Imbrez Light My Fire at Helsinki 2016

Alfred, Imbrez Light My Fire, excellent on Saturday, and excellent 3 on Sunday. Thank you owner Tiina, and special thanks to groomer Tiina for your great work!

Imbrez Doing It Right

Imbrez Doing it Right at Helsinki 2016

Junior girls were on next. Indy, Imbrez Doing It Right, was already like at home in the show ring, it was her second time after all. Excellent 2 and res-Junior winner on Saturday, and excellent on Sunday. Thank you Auli for taking such a good care of this sweetheart, thank you also to handler Suvi.

Imbrez Light Of My Life

Imbrez Light Of My Life Junior class 2nd at Helsinki 2016

Venla, Imbrez Light Of My Life, is also one of a kind, like her mom Imbrez Green Express and her grandmother Chelines-One-And-Only. Unfortunately judged with good on Saturday, but excellent 2 and res Junior winner on Sunday. Really looking forward of these two young ladies’ future. Minna, thank you for living Venla so much. We know you spoil her, but we try to live with that.

Imbrez Junior Girls at Helsinki

Imbrez Spices Included

Imbrez Spices Included at Helsinki 2016

Inc-girls were entered to Open class, both in need of the last needed certificate now that they turned two years. Roxie, Imbrez Spices Included, excellent 1 on Saturday, but no Best Bitch placement for this lovely couple this time. It’s always a pleasure to see dogs owner-handled and especially owner-groomed, thank you so much Anna!

Imbrez All Included

Imbrez All Included at Helsinki

Iitu, Imbrez All Included, good on Saturday and excellent 1 and Best Female 3 on Sunday. We have had the pleasure to have and show her now for several months. She sure was happy to see Heidi after the ring on Sunday. Thank you Heidi for letting her stay with us!

Imbrez Energizer

Imbrez Energizer at Helsinki 2016

Dina, Imbrez Energizer, was also owner-handled by Emilia, excellent 3 on both days, what a great work in the Champion class of 8 bitches.

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost

Imbrez Opera's Ghost at Helsinki 2016

Aave, Imbrez Opera’s Ghost, Champion class 3 on Saturday and Champion Class 2 on Sunday. Thank you Anniina for bringing Aave out for her yearly show round.  

Pixbo Yours Truly

Pixbo Yours Truly moves at Helsinki

Martta, Pixbo Yours Truly, is our and Annamaria’s beloved veteran grand old lady. Shown on Sunday for Veteran class 2 with excellent. Thank you Annamaria, love her to bits!


If one must criticize, it is that when people enter their dogs to these, especially big, shows, they also expect judging experience match the effort put to grooming and travelling, (and also high entry prices), but this time the outcome wasn’t as rewarding as hoped for. Of course there are sometimes breeds that judge isn’t particularly keen on judging, then these breeds should not be judged by this judge. This weekend was the first time we have ever had a dog on the table waiting to be judged for over ten minutes.