3.12. Swedish Winner, Stockholm

Maybe one of the biggest shows for us this year: 64 salt & pepper miniature schnauzers in the same ring. Swedish Winner show 2016 was judged by mr Attila Czegledi. We traveled together with Emppu, Marjo and Susanna. Altogether 3 Miniature Schnauzers and 2 wales springer spaniels. 2 our minis were first timers and yes we had some excitement in the air. Both first timers started their learning experience already on board ms Viking Grace a beautiful cruise ship between Turku and Stockholm. There were probably hundreds of dogs in the same boat and where ever you went you saw showdogs. Night was short and show preparing was done in a small cabin. However it went quite well.

Showground “Stockholms Mässan” welcomed us after a long time and so many times before we were among the first who entered to the show ground. So we had a reasonable time to get our first timers familiarized to the venue. So much to see and so many new voices and smells.

Imbrez Green Light District​Imbrez Green Light District Junior 3rd at Stockholm

Zen was the first in today. It is hard to believe that a dog can understand so fast and with so little training what is needed in the ring. Zen did it nicely ending up to Junior Class 3rd out of 14 junior males. That was a great result for our first timer. Thank you Emppu for all your work with Zen and all the pics and your company on this trip.

Imbrez Green Light District Junior 3rd at Stockholm

Imbrez Doing It Right

Imbrez Doing It Right Junior 2nd and Best Bitch 3rd at Stockholm

Again a first timer and with attitude. On board we were a bit unsure how she will manage in huge show venue. But something happened in the first minutes and Indy was really familiar with all that happened. Standing needs to be improved a bit, but movements were just great. Result today Junior Class 2nd and Best Bitch 3rd with res-certificate. That was way more we could have ever expected. Thank you Auli for a possibility to show her!

Imbrez Doing It Right Junior 2nd and Best Bitch 3rd at Stockholm

Imbrez All Included

Imbrez All Included At Stockholm

It is not very often we publish critics, but this one we have to share: ”She was my favorite in the class except colour.” What more can we say. Thank you. Result could have been better with some lighter jacket… Thank you Heidi for entrusting her to our hands.