This summer’s first trip to Sweden

First two shows behind. We packed two blacks and two pepper and salts in car on Tuesday evening and on the following morning began the Circuit Show in Sweden. The main reason for traveling was World Winner Show and of course other Miniature Schnauzer fanciers around the world. In two days there were more than 500 Miniature Schnauzers in the shows in Stockholm.

The first day for Speciality Show. Judge for blacks was Jenny Harrison-Smith, UK. Toby began the day in open class males with a very good. The next was Jessie with excellent and second place in Junior Class! Niina did excellent job with handling both blacks. Judge for pepper and salts was Frank Kane, UK. Happy was for the first time in the show ring and began with excellent and fifth place in Junior Class. Zara continued with excellent without placement in Champion Class. Great day for both Junior Class beginners.

The second day was WW-time and this time we were inside in Svenska Mässan, Älvsjö. Blacks and pepper and salts were divided in three rings and it really kept us busy. Happy began the day in pepper and salts with judge Knut-Sigurd Willberg. This time with a very good. Mikko will have lots of work to do with presentation. Zara begun with excellent but no placement in Champion Class. On the blacks Toby got very good from judge Siv Jernhake and for the end of the day Jessie came back from judge Gunnel Holm with very good.

Congratulations to our friends with World Winners in Kennels Cheantake and Pixbo. Thanks also to Nora and Markku for traveling company.