8.5. Salo Group Show

Sometimes you just notice how lucky you are when you have friends like this. 36 Miniature Schnauzer entries of which 7 Imbrez. 5 salt & peppers and 2 blacks followed by 10 Imbrez-minded friends of which 5 different handlers to our dogs. And this time we really got something to see. Our judge Michael Clancy from Ireland made us 2 new champions, 2 Best Of Breeds, one Best Of Opposite. We also had 3 reserves. Sunday was a bit different than Saturday in many ways. We found our dogs again from the critiques (which we did not on Saturday). All the faults were there and we also got much useful information as a breeders and if I remember it right, that is what shows are for. Wonderful sunny and very windy Mother’s Day at Salo. Huge thanks to all our friends for being there with us and special thanks to Salo’s show comittee for very professionally organised show.

Waiting for The ring in Salo

Imbrez Forever Fenway

Best Male 1, Certificate, FI CH, Best Of Breed, wner handled and prepared.

Imbrez Forever Fenway CH-title from Salo

Imbrez Womanizer

Bst Male 2, Reserve Certificate

Imbrez Womanizer BM2 at Salo

Imbrez Womanizer moves at Salo

Imbrez All Included

Best Bitch 4, owner handled and groomed.

Imbrez All Included BB4 at Salo

Imbrez Lucky Lady

Best Bitch, Certficate, FI CH, Best Of Opposite

Imbrez Lucky Lady New CH from Salo

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue

Best Bitch 2, Reserve Certificate

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue BB2 at Salo

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue moves at Salo

Salt & Pepper Best Of Breed

Pepper and Salt BOB Imbrez Forever Fenway and BOS Imbrez Lucky Lady both new ch

Imbrez Drop The Bomb

Best Male 1, Certificate, Best Of Breed, owner handled and prepared

Imbrez Drop The Bomb BOB at Salo

Imbrez Drop The Bomb moves at Salo

Imbrez Drop By Drop

Best Bitch 2, Reserve Certificate

Imbrez Drop By Drop BB2 at Salo

Blacks, best bitch class at Salo

Black Best Of Breed

Imbrez Drop The Bomb BOB at Salo

Our Certificate winners

Suvi with Ferro, Mikko with Lara and Anu with Robi

Imbrez Sertificate winners at Salo

Team Imbrez at group finals

Imbrez at Group Finals at Salo