7.9. Helsinki All Breed

Best Of Breed at Mastery show, Helsinki, Imbrez Black DropImbrez Black Drop took the champion title in the first possible show. Six days after his 2 years birthday. I first thought that we were just lucky, but when I saw the pictures I had to admit that he looked nice indeed. Unfortunately you can not touch the steel wiry coat in the picture. Thanks to Carita and Camilla for taking such a good care of our new champion. Huge thanks to Suvi for the most excellent pictures.

Imbrez Black Drop moves at Helsinki

Imbrez Energizer BB2 at Helsinki Mastery Dog show.

Imbrez Energizer took her second cert in her fourth show. She just flew to catch hers. Or maybe it was the home-team which was with us today at the ring side. And yes she get even more energy from Taina and Emilia. Thank You girls. We have not had many dogs to get two certs from four shows. Let’s see if the next handler to Dina will be Emilia!

Imbrez Energzer at Helsinki

Imbrez Energizer second cert from Helsinki

We will continue with more kisses on the next year.