27.4. Lahti Int. Meet busy sisters Jack and Grace!

Imbrez Get Bizzy
First show for Jack was in Kankaanpää. Even half an hour walking around the show ground was not enough to calm him down. The first minutes in the ring were quite embarrassing moments but… he did show well and after a while also showed his nice movement. Jack ended up being 2nd best male, also with res-cc.

Second show for Jack was in Lahti International. Niina did handling this time and they really looked like a great team together. Judge Zjelka von Zidar placed Jack to BOB Junior and in the Best Male competition to 3rd place with res-cc, and this was an international show. And the next weekend we will go again…


Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care at Lahti intImbrez Too Bizzy To Care
Grace also started her career from Kankaanpää. Judge Theo Leenen saw her on the maximum size with all her 33 cm. Grace showed well and moved well placing herself to Best Female 2nd. Third second place in Kankaanpää show.

Lahti int was second show also to Grace. And that went very well. Just a bit more ring training and concentration is needed, but… she was a little princess and she definitely will be one. In the best female ring she placed to 4th place. There will many more shows to come.





Imbrez Meet Your Destiny at LahtiImbrez Meet Your Destiny
Saku entered his second show in Kankaanpää and it went even better than in Helsinki on December. Saku got his first placement in Best Male competition, placing second with res-cc; we are so proud. Saku behaved almost perfectly with a minimum training. Or maybe Miia and Ilari had done some magic at home.

Third show time in Lahti International was even easier. What a handsome fellow he was! Judge Zjelka von Zidar placed him to 4th best male. And the next weekend we will go again…