24.5. Helsinki Int

More rain than sun today at Helsinki International Dog Show. Today we showed 6 dogs, with 4 very good, 1 excellent and 1 excellent with cq ciritiques. Not our type of the day. And yes, also the weather took it’s turns: light rain, cloudy, heavy rain, sunny, rainy, sunny…but let the pictures speak. Judge N. Smolic, Croatia


Imbrez All Required

I can almost guarantee that Edi enjoyed his agility victory yesterday more than showing today. Thank you Anu for entering and showing Edi today. Open class 1 with ”very good” critique. 

Imbrez All Required moved very good at Helsinki


Imbrez Get  Bizzy

Jack returned to show ring today. Champion Class 3 with ”very good”. There is always the first time for everything.

Imbrez Get Bizzy at Helsinki

Imbrez Get Bizzy at Helsinki


D’Altomonte Guindilla

Our Spanish guest star Guindi today only ”very good” and Intermediate Class second. Thank you Nora that we got to show Guindi again, she is such a sweetheart!

D'Altomonte Guindilla at Helsinki


Imbrez Opera’s Ghost

Pretty little Aave placed first in Champion Class with ”excellent”. What a sound mover, love her going!

Imbrez Grand Operetta at Helsinki

Imbrez Grand Operetta Moves at Helsinki


Imbrez Womanizer

Samu today second in Intermediate Class with ”very good”. 

Imbrez Womanizer at Helsinki

Imbrez Womanizer moves at Helsinki


Imbrez Lucky Lady

Lara was our shining star today, the first in Open Class and excellent with cq. No best bitch placement.

Imbrez Lucky Lady at Helsinki