24.5. Järvenpää Nat

Imbrez Meet Your Destiny

took his third Certificate, it was the second in a row. This time at Järvenpää. Best male 1, and Best of Opposite were days placements by Judge C. Orre from Sweden. Thank You Miia and family for this possibility to show him to the title.

Imbrez Meet Your Destiny BOS at JärvenpääImbrez Meet Your Destiny BOS, Certificate and FI CH. On the right BOB Super Plays Xylitol. Congrats for job welldone to Lotta. Thank You for The picture Johanna H-N.

Imbrez Grand Operetta BOB at Järvenpää

Imbrez Grand Operetta

took her second BOB in a row with her fourth Certificate. She will now leave the rings for a while. Thank You Johanna and family for all your work with Diva.

And yes, we also have a secret to share: These excellent show dogs are most importantly wonderful family members.

Imbrez Grand Operetta BOB at Järvenpää

 Kiitos Minna ROP-kuvasta. Oikealla VSP Greedy Rascals Fit For Winning. Imbrez Black Runnerin ”Pemun” poika.