20.10. Seinäjoki Int

More than 600 km drive paid in full. Friends, early winter weather and some great results. This is what an excellent weekend is made of. 

Imbrez Mr Green at SeinäjokiImbrez Mr Green

has been at home over a year now. This weekend we had a possibility to take him to the Seinäjoki Int Show. Some things were forgotten, but the over energetic young fellow was still there. Today the result for Hiski was Champion Class 1st and BM3 with res-CACIB. And believe or not, this was his first ever indoor show and first ever hotel-night. There will be some more to come. Thank you Sanna. We know how much you have worked with Hiski.

Imbrez Green Express moves at SeinäjokiImbrez Green Express

was hunting her last CACIB for International Champion title. This time it was almost a jackpot. CACIB, yes, with BB2 placement. Ziri is now third Imbrez C.I.B. holder and the first of them living at home with us. Ziri was handled this time by Mikko, which is quite unusual. This has happened last time in 2011. It was not perfect, but went good enough. Next time with Niina again.