3 weekends

Fenway at TallinnTallinn, Ozolnieki, Moletai. Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania.
This year we started our foreign summer show circuit early in June, just in time before the puppies. Three weekends in three different countries was pretty tightly scheduled, but worth it. In Tallinn we had our blacks Inky (Repitition’s Imbrezzion) and Toby (Esquire Rezlark) as well our pepper boy Fenway (Sterling’ Green Monstah) in the ring. The next weekend the same crew packed up the Chrysler again and headed to Latvia, Ozolnieki, a place near to Riga. Windy and sunny was the name of the day again, but we also got a little fame along that. Walking and sightseeing lovely old Riga with dogs is a moment to treasure. 

Running in the long beautiful sunny Latvian beach was probably the highlight of the next weekend’s trip to Toby and Jessie (Dellenits Guess Who), who headed with Cheantake team to Lithuania, Moletai, a place close to Vilnius. Thank You Nora for a great company and exciting times on Baltic roads.