Turku Winter Dog Show 2014

Imbrez Opera's Ghost at Turku

Home show for home team with black and silvers and salt and peppers. The new year and new show season has started.

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost official show debute

our little black and silver girl started the day in Junior Class. This was the first official show for Aave. And it went very well: 2nd in Junior Class with Excellent and CQ. Nice work for Anniina and Aave.

Imbrez Idolizer at Turku Winter Dog Show 2014Imbrez Idolizer

continued in salt and pepper Champion Class males. The winner in Champion Class was a very nice result for Elina and Lucky, nice movements again. This pair ended up to Best Male 4th placement.

Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care at Turku Winter Dog Show 2014Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care

The first indoor show for a very long time for Kerttu. And yes, she did it again with style. Best Bitch 2 placement was much more than we expected for today’s condition. 

Thank you judge Maite Gonzalbo from Spain.