This summer’s Showseason starts

Summer has come and we are starting a new showseason again. A lot has been happened during this spring. Miia has moved to a new positions and address. Work with the Kennel will continue and with new plans. Our showseason starts in the beginning of july and we will be out with blacks and black and silvers. There will be a quite limited showing for our dogs this summer because of the lack of time. Only three shows in Sweden and several in Finland.

We will continue our updates after this short break. Life continues and so will do the shows. Zara was also at EUW-show in june receiving excellent and 3rd in openclass with beautifull critics.

There will be also lot of work with puppies in the end of this summer.

june's frontpage girl Heathkeeper's I'm CelebratedDog of the month

Imbrez proudly presents: june’s frontpage girl Heathkeeper’s I’m Celebrated. ’Elma’ has been on circuit for seven shows now. Beginning with good and ending up to excellent and BOB in Forssa DogShow. Elma is bred by Kennel Heathkeeper’s using our lines. Elma has been groomed by Kennel imbrez, once handled too, but mostly ownerhandled. We all have to say, that both owner and dog have learnt alot during these seven shows. Thank You Annamari for Your nerves which You needed when You were listening to my advices.

Halifax has puppiesHalifax has puppies

Halifax and Imbrez Hot Whatta have had seven black puppies. They were born with Chey’s owner Katri’s help. Thank You Katri for a change to have this litter. More about the puppies at puppies-section.