14,5, Rauma National

Hot sunny Rauma 14.5. Very early morning for everyone, but definitely worth it! Pimu (Imbrez Weekends Finest) showed her best on Saturday in Rauma Dog Show. Judge Ms. J. Beech (CAN) liked Pimu quite a lot: BOB with CAC! Our blacks did also well: Oz BM2 res-CAC and Nelly BB3.

No other Option at MynämäkiNo other Option in Mynämäki 15.5.

On Sunday we headed a little closer to home; short drive was welcomed by us all. Weather in Mynämäki Wirmo Dog Show was perfect and sun was shining. Our little guy had that sparkle in his eye again and judge N. Nekrosiene (LT) had no other option than put Oz (Pixbo Option) BM1, BOS with CAC. 

What a wonderful hot weekend, thank you all!