4.-6.8. Druskininkai 3 X IDS


First a drving experience of over 1000 km and one day. Starting from Turku at 4.30 am and after one moose, several  cows, horses and herons later at 9 pm at the hotel in Druskininkai. But yes, these places and views are always worth driving. We also had an excellent weather compering to heavy rain fall in our home town.

Fishing by the lake

As you can see, the surroundings were just great. Morning walks with 4 dogs were such a fun.

Ducks by the lake



Imbrez Get Bizzy


Imbrez Get Bizzy at Druskininkai on friday

Imbrez Get Bizzy moves at Druskininkai on friday

Nice performances on every day to each judges lead up to 3rd, 4th and 4th places. Not bad at all, but not enough this time either. Jack still continues travelling.

Tired cage on friday

How tired dogs can be after a show day. Crash had a peace of sausage behind his ear and no one were even willing to take it.

Imbrez Green Light District

Imbrez Green Light District at Druskininkai on saturday

Zen hit the jackpot by winning his class 3 days in the row. Which in this show lead to Lithuanian champion title. That was actually well deserved, because he even won over Crash on saturday being best male second then after a Russian male.


Imbrez Green Light District at Druskininkai on sunday

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla at Druskininkai on Sunday, Handler Vilte Sokaityte

Crash took his already on the first day, beeing best male and best of opposite. That ment that he got finally two aaditions to his titles, both LT and BALTIC ch. On second day the judge did not like the type and on third day I had finally possibility to see Crash in the ring. Crash was handled by oneof the best junior handlers in Europe: Ms Vilte Sokaityte. And again the result was best male and best of opposite. Thank You Vilte, it was great to see you in the ring.

Rosettes from the weekend

And this was the view when we drove back to Riga and Tallinn.