Finnish Winner 2012

The biggest dog show of the year Winner 2012 in Helsinki is over again. This time we travelled to Helsinki with little bigger crowd than usual, altogether 6 people and 7 dogs in 3 colors. 5 peppers, 1 black and 1 black and silver.

Imbrez Meet Your Destiny at Helsinki
Saku, Imbrez Meet Your Destiny

Changes of judges made the show day little challenging, but we managed to show the salt and pepper junior male in time. Saku ”Imbrez Meet Your Destiny” debuted in the show ring with very good results. Junior males were judged by E. Haapaniemi (FI). What a sweet well behaving angel you have, thank you Miia and Ilari!

Imbrez Monster Inc at HelsinkiBoris, Imbrez Monster Inc

’This time would like some more of everything’, said judge Karl Eddie Berge of our Imbrez Monster Inc (Boris) who was shown first time in Open Class. Enough said and at the same time Open class 3rd. Thank You Milla.

Imbrez Idolizer at HelsinkiLucky, Imbrez Idolizer

Lucky had had an almost two months break after Turku October Show. He had almost ready new coat, but still continued with Best Male 4th placing. Just cannot wait for the possibility to show these guys again. Thank You Elina.

Imbrez Do I Know You at HelsinkiTaika, Imbrez Do I Know You

Anniina had the second chance to show Taika (Imbrez Do I Know You) by herself and YES she really used her possibility in the very best way. Girls gained the Best Bitch 3 placement after the pretty junior winner from Japan.

Imbrez Green Express at HelsinkiZiri, Imbrez Green Express

Niina and Ziri were on the right track again. Champion Class1, Best Bitch1, BOB, CACIB and Winner 2012. Just love this Zara and Fenway kid!

TobEsquire Rezlark at Helsinkiy, Esquire Rezlark

Toby returned the show rings as veteran. But judging by the way he acted one might think he is still a junior. Lots of fun showing again, resulting exc with ck, BOB veteran and Veteran Winner 2012 title.


Imbrez Black Or White at HelsinkiAnsa, Imbrez Black Or White

Pretty little Ansa is a beautiful mover, but this time judge wasn’t pleased with her movement and very good was all she got.