29.3. Turku Int

The home show made it possible for us to get even six Imbrez dogs in to the ring, two blacks and 4 salt&peppers. And three of them owner handled, we are so proud of everyone! Salt&eppers were judged by Marko Lepasaar from Estonia and blacks by Francesco Cochetti from Italy.


Imbrez Lucky Star 

Marika was the first in the ring with Idefix. They did good job, even after a few months break. Idefix was a bit too big for today’s judge and got nice and very good critique from Junior Class.

Imbrez Lucky Star at Turku Int


Imbrez Forever Fenway

Today we both had the privilege to show Robi when Anu had to work. What a handsome young man! I guess it’s understatement to say that we are bit excited about him! Today Mikko showed him second in Intermediate Class and as blacks were overlapped in the other ring, Niina showed him in the Best Male class. Third Best Male today with res-CAC and res-CACIB. Thank you Anu for letting us show him and thanks also to Juha and Ella for chaffeuring him to Turku.

Imbrez Forever Fenway at Turku Int

Imbrez Forever Fenway moves at Turku Int

PS Males in Turku int.

Imbrez Energizer

Emilia showed Dina today. Nice and calm work, job well done! Pretty girls today in Intermediate Class 4th with excellent critique.  

Imbrez Energizer at Turku int

Imbrez Energizer and Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue at Turku int

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue

Viivi was also entered to Intermediate Class. Today she showed extremely well, and moved…well, she really moved! Best Bitch 3rd with res-CACIB. Thank you Minna for letting us show this heart breaker again.

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue at Turku int

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue moves at Turku int

PS intermediate Bitches in Turku int.

Imbrez Drop The Bomb

Ferro the fine little black man, in his second show today at Turku. Mikko showed him nicely in Junior Class and when rings overlapped again with salt&peppers, Niina showed Ferro in the Best Male class. Fourth today, so the start of Ferro’s show career couldn’t be better: two placements from two international shows. And what we can’t wait with Ferro is that Suvi starts showing him by herself, as we’ve seen in practice: she certainly can!

Imbrez Drop The Bomb BM4 at Turku Int

Imbrez Drop the Bomb BM4 at Turku Int.


Imbrez Drop By Drop

Lively Zena was in her second show today. And again, handed perfectly by Noora. Zena still has long way to go from little missy to classy lady, but the time will do the trick. Thank you Noora for your great work with Zena and her grooming.

Imbrez Drop by Drop at Turku Int.

Imbrez Drop By Drop moves at Turku Int.