27.7. Helsinki Int Eukanuba Summer Show

Yes, it was fun and warm, but no, we cannot do this every day. Eight dogs prepared for a show is more than I can think of for one week.

This time it totally was worth working hard.

Imbrez Monster Inc BOS with CACIB at Helsinki int.Imbrez Monster Inc BOS at Helsinki int

CACIB was the only goal for today and we got it! This was the first CACIB from Finland to Börje. He has received 4 CACIBs from 2 other countries in last two months. He also has been the best male in last 8 shows in a row. Have to say that we are extremely lucky to have a great owner to him. Thank you Milla. Tomorrow he comes home again and this time for a longer time than two weeks. Congratulations to BOB Cheantake Echo Of Passion and also for BOG4. Thanks to judge Yana Gavrilova from Russia.

Imbrez Have You Ever at Helsinki Int.

Imbrez Have You Ever

Ilmo showed excellently again. Great movements and cool behaviour. Well done little boy, who was actually debuting first time in open class, second placement with excellent and CQ.


Imbrez Idolizer at Helsinki intImbrez Idolizer

This was the first international show for Elina and Lucky for a while.  Nice work, champion class third with excellent and CQ.


Imbrez Black Runner at Helsinki Int.Imbrez Black Runner Open Class2

Pemu came back after Rauma show and he did it with style. Open class 2nd was great. Elina showed him at the best male class and did it well. See yourself.

Imbrez All Required at Helsinki

Imbrez All Required Open Class3

Great work Anu! Third show of the summer and Excellent-line continues again.

Imbrez Get Bizzy at Helsinki intImbrez Get Bizzy

First show in Intermediate class and results were just great. Best Male 2nd was much more than we expected. Some extra noice still in the ring and maybe few extra jumps too. At least we had fun in the ring. ”Pay attention, here I come”, says Jack. But he also looked good in the ring. See the pic.

Esquire Rezlark BOB Veteran & BM4Esquire Rezlark

After relaxing summer cottage week, Toby was ready to hit the rings. It’s so nice showing him again after a long break. What a fun old grand man can have! And the movement is still there… Today BOB Veteran and Best Male 4.