26.9. Salo group show

Salo group show was like a home show for us. Even though the Norwegian judge was changed to Finnish one, we decided to show our entered dogs and leave only the junior male home. And the results of the show were beyond ecpectations and also result of the hard work.


Imbrez Lucky Star in the show rings again

Handsome boy Idefix was back in the show ring, and shown again by Marika. Today Idefix got very good critique and good experience.

Imbrez Lucky Star at Salo


Imbrez Lucky Star at Salo


Imbrez Lucky Luke Best Male 2nd

This time Luke was shown by Mikko. The show ground was defenitely better than last week’s sand and worked well with Luke’s great movement. Still the result didn’t reach quite as high. Nice critique with Best Male 2 placement with reserve-certificate. 

Imbrez Lucky Luke BM2 at Salo


Imbrez Lucky Luke moves at Salo


Imbrez Lucky Me Best Bitch 2nd

Nasti was also shown by Mikko today. Beautiful girl, nice movement and such fun to work with. Best Bitch 2 today with reserve-certficate, but we can’t complain about the result as she was beatedn by her cousin.

Imbrez Lucky Me BB2 at Salo


Our girls in the Best Bitch class

From Best Bitch class at Salo


Imbrez Fenway Faithful ”Ilona” hits the jackpot

Ilona. This is the problem dog, the dog we didn’t know what to do with and had to look for professional dog trainer’s help. Sweet inside the house, but huge and screaming excitement outside, which made walks unpleasant and destroyed our pack’s balance. We couldn’t even think placing her to anyone because she was so difficult. I took the challenge to train her every day, see the dog trainer, walk her alone, train agility with her (in which she turned out to be outstanding). After one year of hard work with her and her coat, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t give her away, she is my dog. She is still challenging, needs lots of activity, but has big heart and is always ready for any action or training with me. Therefore, this second time in the ring with her, winning Open Class and Best Bitch was something SO big for us and put smile in my face and tears in my eyes. We do make a good couple, even in the show ring.

Thank you judge Tuula Savolainen for appreciating our dogs. Imbrez Fenway Faithful Best Bitch, BOS and Certificate.  

Imbrez Forever Fenway BOS with CAC at Salo