25.3. Lahti INT

Early bird catches a worm, atleast this time. It was 5.30 am wake up and 5 pepper and salts to do before we could take two and half hour drive to Lahti. Indy, Venla, Dina, Forrest and Zen together with Auli, Emilia, Emppu and I in the same car. I really am glad that I have a VW Caddy Max. Judge John R Walsh judged 17 pepper and salts, 21 black & silvers, 10 blacks and 5 whites.

Imbrez Just Don't Get It and Imbrez Green Light District at Lahti Int

Males started the day as usual. First one in the ring was open class male Forrest (Imbrez Just Don’t Get It) on the left and next one champion class male Zen (Imbrez Green Light District). 

Imbrez Just Don’t Get It 

Imbrez Just Don't Get It at Lahti Int

I had a pleasure to show Forrest after two months break. Last time was in Gothenburg, Sweden in January. Forrest had gained his weight back and still had that energetic drive on the move and as Mr Walsh said it: ”He was steady on the move”. And yes, no problems with free standing either. Forest was pleased 2nd in open class after a classy Memorytale’s male. Forrest ended up to best male 3rd. Thank You Suvi ofr a possibility to show him.

Imbrez Just Don't Get It at Lahti Int

Imbrez Green Light District

Imbrez Green Light District BOB at Lahti Int

Zen competed in champion class because of his LT ch title, which was earned in the tender age of 16 months. We had 2 Finnish CACs in the pocket and also Swedish and Estonian CACs, so we were hunting that last Finnish CAC for triple title.Zen was the only one in Champion class and still moved perfectly to class first. In the best male class Zen took the lead and was placed first. That meant CAC for triple title and second Finnish Cacib and ticket to Final ring to Judge Pedro Sanchez Delerue, who unfortunately did not place any small dogs..  

Imbrez Green Light District BOB at Lahti Int

Imbrez Doing It Right

Imbrez Doing It Right at Lahti Int

Indy was first of bitches. She competed in open class and was owner handled by Auli. It was easy to see how much this pair have trained together. It was a huge difference compering to the last time. Speacially movements worked nicely today. Excellent and 2nd in her class to Indy. Thank you Auli for your work.

Imbrez Light Of My Life

Imbrez Light Of My Life BOS at Lahti Int

Again great to handle a dog whom I know so well and Venla did it again. It is easy to see how much this girl loves attention. Just as like her mother and grand mother. Venla won her class and she really can move too. On the tough best female class she ended up to first place. Triple title to Venla too Last Finnish CAC gave also Latvian and Swedish titles That meant also that brother and sister were in the best of breed ring. 

Imbrez Energizer

Imbrez Energizer and Imbrez Spices Included at Lahti Int

Dina was owner handled in champion class and again the work with Emilia has been paid of. Movements, free standing and behaving in the ring has been better all the time during these times. I was so happy to see Emilia and Dina in the best female class and also in the breeder class. Dina ended up to best female 3rd. Thank You Emilia

Imbrez Spices Included

Imbrez Spices Included BB2 at Lahti Int

And now we are talking… Owner groomed and owner handled. And the results: Champion class win and best bitch 2nd totally gave the idea what has happened to these two in last months. The only thing I would like to change for the next weekend is the movements, and do not get me wrong, Roxie can move, but it could have been better to keep at least one foot on the ground. In the other hand, that means Roxie really has attitude… Thank you Anna again!

Imbrez Green Light District BOB and Imbrez Light Of My LIfe BOS at Lahti Int

Having the best male and best female meant that we did the same thing as we have done in Salo last summer: together in the ring…. Emppu showed Zen and I took Venla. In Salo I had the male and Emppu was in the ring first time ever with Iitu. That time male won and so was this time too. Emppu and Seppo placed to BOB and Venla took BOS. Two new triple champions on the best places… and overal 1st and 3rd boy and girls from 1st to 3rd. Reason to be happy, indeed.

Imbrez Green Light District BOB and Imbrez Light Of My LIfe BOS at Lahti Int

We also were the only ps breeder group and placed as BOB breeder. On deciding wether we sould stay for final rings the team decided to stay. And we had a pleasure to show Zen in group 2 and als a breeder group. Than you all who had time to stay with us and show their dogs with us. and speacial thanks to Auli for picture below.

Imbrez BOB Breeder at Lahti Int