25.8. Harjavalta Group

Harjavalta offered us a warm late summer day and a new champion. Judge Eva Eriksson from Sweden appreciated our dogs so nicely. One champion, One Res CAC and one class win were great to have.

Imbrez Running Brave

First time in the ring and just a drop between Simo and a CAC. So great first time. Indeed we worked almost one hour going round the place and meeting dogs and people and getting him now what tihis is all about.

When entering the ring Simo up again, but hold that thought of one hour walk and just keep it going. Also he had some time to stay still. So the result res CAC was much more than expected. Thank You Jaana and Jyrki!

Imbrez Running After Giants

Just love the idea that Riia’s owners were there to wittnes the first champion from Running-litter. Riia get close to his own level already atBaltic Circuit achieving 2 CACs from Latvia. Today she became a double champion and had titles from Finland and Latvia.

Judge Eva Eriksson from Sweden gave us also one of the best critiques of this summer. Thank you to owners for all their work for this little show girl and all the driving for her.

Lancome de Akra-Leuka

Sisi was owner handled second time in his career. Emppu didi it nice again and they eneded up on intermediate class first. So happy to see them in the ring again. Next weekend – my turn :-).