21.-22.6. Denmark Vejen

The BridgeAlmost 2000 km drive to Denmark for dog shows during the nearly “sacred” Midsummer Holiday, are we crazy? Well, it had rained and snowed in Finland at the meantime, so the disappointment of missing Finnish Midsummer was not that bad. This was our first show in Denmark so we were eager to see how shows are done there. Story also includes some hints and remarks about showing in Denmark.

On Friday, Midsummer Eve, we drove through abandoned Sweden, as everyone had gone to celebrate Midsummer in countryside. Or, in Denmark, as we noticed after Copenhagen. But before the Copenhagen, we crossed THE BRIDGE, wow, what a wonderful proof of great building. The cost of crossing the bridge is 49 € per normal car, so carpooling is recommended. And we did have 5 Minis, 2 Wales Springer Spaniels and 4 people in the car, and 2 of the girls in heat, just to add some little extra… 

The Lighthouse

Once in Denmark, we were not sure if we hit the German autobahn or what had happened. The traffic stopped like to the wall every 15 minutes, and we spent 5-10 km moving in 20 km/h, and when it started moving again, the speed limit was 150 km/h…and no signal lights for take overs. Well, the road wasn’t quite like autobahn, just a normal highway, but luckily there were no accidents. The show was held in Vejen, the third and biggest island of Denmark. So, two more bridges to cross, the “middle” bridge cost 25 €, and the last shortest one, was free. 

Finally arrived to Vejen after 10 hours drive (well done Mikko), and found the show ground. Beautiful short cut grass fields with plenty of space. Put the show tents up and off to our hotel in Kolding. Was really glad to find out there was nice dinner buffet at the hotel, and evening plans were settled.

Boris Veijen La

Show started already at 9 o’clock both mornings, so up at 5 o’clock (really not my favorite time of the day). Parking was free, no big lines, everything went smoothly and we were ready for the ring. Salt & peppers started, Boris (Imbrez Monster Inc.) entered the ring first. He was measured first time in his show career, a bit too high this time, but no complaining about that for the judge Rodi Hübenthal from Norway. Boris won Champion class and ended up Best Male 2 with re-CACIB and re-CC. 

Kerttu Veijen La

Grace (Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care) was too big and dark on Saturday, placing second in Open Class and BB4. 

Ziri at Vejen on Saturday

Ziri (Imbrez Green Express) suffered little from “after puppies coat”, and the colour was not so nice as usual, therefore unfortunately only Champion Class 1 with CQ, but no BB placement. 

Jaakko At Veijen, Denmark

Black Jack (Imbrez Get Bizzy) behaved himself, and also pleased the judge, but not quite enough: placed Open Class2 and BM3 with re-CC. One thing to notice for the next time is that you are allowed to move other countries’ champions to Champion Class, but only if they become champions after closing entry date. Grace and Jack were entered to show before they became champions, but as they got their titles before the entry date closed, they couldn’t be moved to Champion Class. Next time better wait if there are some possible champions to become, before entering them. 

Ansa moves at Veijen la

Ansa BOB at Veijen La

And finally, thank goodness for our little precious Ansa (Imbrez Black Or White), she saved the day for being BOB in black and silvers. She was in tops shape, moved like dram, and she just can’t be measured over 35 cm With this CACIB and Danish Certificate, Ansa finalized her International Champion, Danish Champion and Nordic Champion titles. 

Group finals on saturday at Veijen

Nice show day after all, even the wind was hard both in ring and in weather, but we all stayed dry as it didn’t rain. Show had good big rings, nice show ground, and of course lots of old and new friends to meet. Only strange thing was that there were no prices for winners, and all the other ribbons than BOBs had to be purchased. In Finland, the show regulations order that you as an organizer of the show have to provide certain prices and certain ribbons for winners. This just might be a woman thing, but me and Marjo certainly noticed this difference 😉 And this being so important matter, we of course bought the ribbons. Not because we wouldn’t have enough already, but as they were really nice ones. On the other hand, all dogs given price ”very good” or ”excellent”, received the gift certificate of 25 Danish Crowns, which could be used as partial payment for ribbons. At the end of the day, Ansa and Marjo’s Chesney attended to well organized and professionally set group final rings which ran smoothly without waiting. It seemed that most of the personnel in the show were indeed Danish Kennel Club emplyees, being very different to us here where shows are build mostly by very valuable volunteers of different dog clubs.

Boris Veijen, Denmark, Sunday

Boris was measured also on Sunday, but now 1,5 centimeters smaller to his normal size of 34,5 cm.

Imbrez Monster Inc BOB at Veijen on Sunday

On Sunday Boris (I Monster Inc.) was just outstanding and without a question from our Swedish judge Karl-Erik Johansson, he was placed BM1 and BOB with CACIB and Danish Certificate. Therefore Boris also became Danish Champion title. 

Kerttu Veijen, Denmark, Sunday

Salt and pepper girls were next in the ring, not the best day for them: Grace (I Too Bizzy To Care) was placed Open Class 2, and Ziri (I Green Express) Champion Class 1, BB4. 

Ziri at Veijen on Sunday


Jaakko Veijen, Denmark, Sunday

And Jack. Oh, he was just too bizzy and overwhelmed by two girls in heat, that the concentration was all gone. With this exciting performance, Imbrez Get Bizzy placed Open Class2 and BM4 with another re-CC. 

Imbrez Black Or White BOB at Veijen Sunday

The last but not the least again, Ansa (I Black Or White) hit the jackpot and became again BOB. No words, just pictures. 

Imbrez Black Or White and Imbrez Monster Inc at group finals at Vejen

Sunday was even windier than Saturday (this time mostly only the weather), but our show tent survived well and ripped only after group finals. Finals were as prompt as on Saturday, and it’s always nice to have two BOBs when we both can enter the big ring. And well, it’s even nicer thing to do with two wonderful dogs after our own breeding. Over all, our travel team showed 5 BOB’s in group finals, but as we had decided beforehand that nobody will win big bags of dog food (no room in the car), there was no group placements in these shows.

Malmo Hotel

After the show on Sunday, we drove to Malmö, and stayed overnight at wonderful hotel. On Monday, we drove through beautiful summer Sweden, did some shopping and found also some familiar faces on our way. 

Grizzly Zoo A6 Jonkoping

Thank you Milla and Annamaria for letting us to show Boris and Ansa, it’s always a pleasure and we are very proud of them! Thank you also Benton team Marjo and Pauliina with Chesney and Nikke for nice travel company! It was wonderful trip, too bad we couldn’t spend more time in Denmark, but honestly, that 2000 km is quite a long drive so another trip to Denmark has to wait…let’s say at least for a year!