8.-9.7. Pärnu 2 x IDS

It was like coming home again after few years. The atmosphere of Estonian city Pärnu is just something special in summer time. It is like going to holiday to southern Europe but still staying almost home. Just a 2 hours boat trip and some driving. Green Villa was again the place to stay and Steffani the place to eat. 

This year the showground was Pärnu Lennujaam (airport) and sun was with us all the time On Saturday  our Miniatures were judged by Mr. Kamisato from Japan and on Sunday by Mrs Maranik from Estonia.


Imbrez Green Light District

Imbrez Green Light District at Pärnu

Seppo, Zen, Imbrez Green Light District took his first trip to Estonia and did it by storm. It was not quite expected that this youngster took Best Male placement before Crash but indeed, he showed and moved himself more than great. And he was handled in Best Male ring by Emppu again. Last time in the ring with him was on January… It is just great to show this little guy. 

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla at Pärnu on Saturday

First possibility out of 5 to get the last needed CACIB turned to Reserve. Well it could have gone better just a bit. We might have had a bit too much fun which affected to movements on long grass. So next day might be better…


Imbrez Green Light District BOS and first CACIB from Pärnu on Saturday


Imbrez Get Bizzy

Imbrez Get Bizzy Res-CACIB again from Pärnu

Jack was defenitely on his own level again. I mean how many Reserve CACIBs can one dog get? This was maybe number 10? But indeed he looked nice and behaved well. Still some more could have been needed. Jack says that he just like travelling and hotel breakfasts. We will continue…

Imbrez Get Bizzy at Pärnu on Saturday

Did we have fun with Zen


Destineez Crash Run Into Myla

Destineez Crash Run Into Myla, new International Champion at Pärnu on Saturday

Crash did it on Sunday. Best of Opposite is not BOB but the last needed CACIB means International Champion title. Second possible show and there it came. At the moment Crash looks more European than ever so the results have been better all the time. Crash will be leaving back to Chicago on August, but we will have plenty to do before that.

Imbrez Get Bizzy

Imbrez Get Bizzy at Pärnu on Sunday

And how about Jack… Well not quite there again. This time no placement in Best male ring so the show career continues.

We had fun, we had beach and sun. More pics in my Facebook