23.4. Lahti int

The first real spring day gave it’s warmest to us in Lahti. Oz and Taika were the ones who have been in shows earlier, but our two pepper males were with us for the nearly first time. Lahti was Luca’s second time in the ring and Lucky really was the first-timer. Also Lucky’s handler Elina was in the ring for the first time in 5 years. And Lahti gave us a lot. BOS Taika (Imbrez Do I Know You) received her first certificate after 3 reserv-certificates. Anniina has made a great work with Taika and this time again, it really was a pleasure to show this beautiful little girl. Congratulations also to Nora for Remu’s BOB and champion title.

Luca and Lucky at Lahti

One small step more would have been a jackpot

Luca (Imbrez I Do I Do I Do) performed very well in his second show ever and received BM2 placement with reserve-certificate. Luca has found the idea of the shows and behaved lot calmer. Thanks Jussi, great work with Luca. Elina made absolutely excellent debut to the show rings with Lucky (Imbrez Idolizer). After 5 years retirement this was awesome result from an old ring fox, and how much they really have trained for this. I think there was nobody by the ring side who noticed that this was first show for Lucky. There will be great future for our boys. 

Pixbo Option at LahtiThe first champion opportunity and almost there

Great work Niina and Oz (Pixbo Option). Almost one year show break to Oz with lot of coat care but very limited ring training. BM2 result with res-CACIB and res-certificate in Lahti was a good practice. Will the next shows go just a little hint better? That will be seen quite soon.