22.1. Turku Winter Dog Show 2012 in 3 colours

Turku Winter Dog Show 2012 Salt & PeppersSalt and Peppers

We are so lucky to have friends who are willing to drive over 300 km to a Turku dog show. Thank you Katja and Henna. Heidi’s family drove ”only” 160 km. Maybe it was the shorter drive, but Heidi and Hani (Imbrez iDoll) took BB4 placement in a very high class Best Bitch competition. In our opinion there were Finland’s 3 best bitches competing about the BB-title. Katja and Nira (Imbrez Green Is On The Air) took very good in open class bitches and so did Henna and Nemo (Imbrez Boogie in Me) in open class dogs.

Imbrez Black is Back at TurkuImbrez Black Is Back

Annamaria has done great job this winter by handling and grooming also blacks. She showed Rocky (Imbrez Black Is Back) in junior class males with very good results. Rocky had enjoyed the training and all the unsureness of Jyväskylä dog show was gone. This team took a ring by storm. We just stood on the ring side and watched. Professional work! Just cannot wait for the next time.

Imbrez Black Or White

It was Ansa’s (Imbrez Black Or White) first time to get very good judgement. Ok, we were hoping not to get another Best Bitch 4 placement, but this was something unexpected. Ansa definitely wanted to show herself in this show and also movements were excellent this time. Annamaria did also great job handling her in the ring. Sorry to say, but this just happens sometimes. This was unfortunately one of those days.

The main thing to us in Turku Winter Dog Show was, that we had excellent Imbrez dog owners who have also grown into good handlers. It is a relief to see that we do not have to be in the ring every time. Thank you friends!