22.1. Turku int.

Taika at Turku Int

Home show is always the best place to meet your closest friends. And this time did not make an exeption. The new and older members of Imbrez team came to Turku Show to cheer for their friends. Nice to see you all again! 

The show itself was a huge success. We had more than 6000 dogs taking part to this international event. We had judges from 17 countries and dogs from 282 different breeds. The memories of this show and the beginning of the next Top Dog Show 2013 are available in YouTube.

Mother and daughter in the same show ring 

Imbrez Do I Know You (Taika) entered the ring in her second show ever. Well done for the little lady, Junior Class 1 and BB3 placement with res-CAC. Thank you Anniina for training Taika! 

Mindy at TurkuTaika’s Mom Imbrez Weekend Special (Mindy) returned the show rings after six month break. Beautifully owner-handled, with Champion Class 3 placement. Well done Heidi!