The best times of winter

 Having fun is the main thing

Warm and nice times in Kennel Imbrez this winter. We are spending our winter holidays in the middle Finland this time. Year 2006’s only puppy Imbrez Lucky Esqapade has left to her new home to Hämeenlinna and things have slown down here, no shows for this winter. Niina will only have some agility competitions with Sally. Hopefully we will have one more litter this winter. We are also within arranging team of Turku International TopDogShow. More about this show at show’s webpage.

Having fun is the main thing

In the winter we have also time for other activities. She has participated in her first unofficial agilitycompetition. Salli won the miniclass with faultless run. Great work Niina and Salli. Meet Salli on her own page.

Dog of the monthDog of the month

Imbrez proudly presents: February’s frontpage boy Imbrez In Sight. ’Vinski’ has been in his first show In Turku International TopDogShow with his handler Niina. Vinski received very good judging from Mr Tamas Jakkel, Hungary. We would like to thank M. Rauttamo for chance to show this wonderful youngster.