21.3. Lahti Int

Imbrez Forever Fenway

Indeed he looks great. And now he is almost ready and grown up. Got a good feeling about him in show grooming week before and the feeling was right. So it was not unexpected that he was placed, but the second certificate he now got in the age of 1 years and 5 months was more than expected. This ”Fenway lookalike” is grown much better than we thought. I have said it before and will say it many times again, this can not be possible without great owners with huge commitment. Thank you Anu once again. You have put a lot of work to Robi and here are the results. I also think that there will be much more to come! Today at Lahti International Dog Show Imbrez Forever Fenway Best Male 2 with CAC and RES-CACIB. This little man runs everyday with Giant Schnauzer and look how he moves.

Imbrez Forever Fenway moves at Lahti

Imbrez Drop The Bomb

started his show career in Lahti Int. It has been a very long time since we have shown as many blacks as pepper & salts in the same show. Blacks started the day and we could have had a bit more time before the ring, but Ferro still made it. Without Suvi’s training the result might have been a bit different. Today the movements could have been more free and also the leg furnishing need to be better… BUT first show and internationaal one, nice result of Best Male 3rd with BOB-junior!. Thank You Suvi! More pictures about Ferro at his own page 

Imbrez Drop the Bomb BM3 at Lahti Int.


Imbrez Drop By Drop at Lahti Int.

Imbrez Drop By Drop

Second first timer was Zena, Imbrez Drop By Drop, a full sister to Drop the Bomb.We have not trained her almost at all, but there is someone who has! Zena is Noora’s second dog and she has surely trained and groomed her with extra care. This pair really worked nicely together. Great harsh black jacket and only a half of possible leg furnishing. But great joyful handling from Noora gave very good to Zena. Thank you Noora! Both Drop juniors are just 10 months old, so this was huge begin for them both. 

Imbrez Drop By Drop at Lahti Int.

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue at Lahti Int.

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue

In January at Turku Int Show she had a little bit too short coat and now it is almost over. Still this girl is one of my favourites. Attitude, movements and structure. That is what pretty girls are made of.Thank you Minna for taking good care of Viivi! Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue, this time excellent results and second in Intermediate Class. 

Imbrez Fenway Park Avenue moves at Lahti Int.