16.-17.1. Turku Weekend

This year the Turku weekend was made of a speciality show with 118 Miniature Schnauzers and an Internarional show with 88 Miniature Schnauzers. The speciality show was organized by Markku (from Cheantake) and Mikko, so there is not so many pictures about that show in our site, but defenitely many in www.sksk.fi/turku2016. Because of the organizing responsibilities we were not able to show our dogs in speciality. But we were more than delighted that we have such a great friends around us so our breeder class was excellent as you can see above. Such a pity was that we did not get any pictures from our beautiful Imbrez Grand Operetta, who was excellently handled by her owner Johanna.

Imbrez Black Or White

Imbrez Black Or White at Turku spec

Last year’s best of breed and BIS girl from 2012 Speciality Imbrez Black or White is now over 5 years old. She still moves with those flying steps we have seen before and shows herself with great proudness. This time Ansa’s result was champion class 3rd. 

Pixbo Yours Truly

Pixbo Yours Truly BIS 1 Vet at spec

Veteran Winner titles from both winner shows in Helsinki in December got a great follow up from the speciality. BIS 1 veteran was a huge recognition to Annamaria for her great work and all the loving and care she has given to her piece of gold. Martta was good in Helsinki, but now she was great. We are used to see her daughter Ansa moving like a wind in a ring, but today Martta’s movements were something really different: she just took all the attention. Thank you Annamaria for showing this piece of gold!

Imbrez Idolizer

Imbrez Idolizer at Spec

There were not many pictures of Lucky in the ring. He is also now 5,5 years and still going strong. Movements and presentation were excellent also today. Champion class 3rd. Thank you Elina that you showed Lucky in our home show.

Imbrez Breeder class

Imbrez Breeder group at spec

Thank you girls! This could not look better! 3 combininations, 4 dogs. This is also the only picture about Imbrez Formalizer, Imbrez Energizer and Imbrez Spices Included from speciality. As you can imagine, we had really busy day taking care of the show and that everything ran smoothly. Thank you all involved, we made it this year again and in much more harder circumstances than any other year. From warming up the show ground at 6.30 am to cleaning up at 8.00 pm.

All these rosettes and pocals found a new owner. 



Turku International Winter Dog Show

Indeed Sunday morning came really quick. We had only 5 dogs participating to the international show, compared to 7 dogs in speciality. On Sunday we could also help out in preparing our dogs to show and had time to show one of our own too. Again unfortunately no pictures about beautifully owner handled Imbrez Grand Operetta and Imbrez Too Bizzy To Care.

Imbrez Energizer and Imbrez Formalizer

Dina and Era at Turku int

It is always a pleasure to see these two litter sisters in a row in a ring. Again beautiful movements and attitude in presentations. Just can not be more happy after open class. Open class 2nd for Formalizer and Anu in red) and 3rd (Energizer and Emppu in blue) were good results and BB 4 also to Formalizer and Anu made our day.

Imbrez Spices Included 

Imbrez Spices Included at Turku Int

Anna and Roxie have gone a long way. Roxie looked excellent and the handling was that too. You have defenitely taken a huge steps. Winning the Intermediate class was surely less than winning a breed in Jyväskylä International, but with these competitors it really meant alot to me. Thank you Anna and continue your good work!

Dina and Era at Turku int

Yes, we had fun weekend and it was great to see all our friends. Thanks speacially to Anna and Anu who travelled more than 500 km to Turku for these shows.