19.9. Hyvinkää Group Show

The second girls’ show was at Hyvinkää. The show was held at shooting range in the middle of forest, and rings varied a lot. Ours happened to be like straight from the ”Sunny Beach”. Also Baywatch was mentioned, but it was too cold. It was quite challenging to try to walk in the wet sand and especially try to show some kind of movement from the dogs. I guess we did ok, since we got two certificates for Lucky-siblings from the Norwegian judge Borge Espeland. 


Imbrez Plan Included 

Pyry was at his second show at Hyvinkää. This young junior male showed nicely even though he is still quite excited at the show. Nice standing and good moving. We are pleased. Today junior class 2nd with excellent. We believe that Pyry’s time will come when he matures a bit more. 

Imbrez Placn Included at Hyvinkää


Imbrez Placn Included moves at Hyvinkää


Imbrez Lucky Luke got his first CAC

Suvi did great work again with Luke. Nice, calm and good work all the way until the end. This really paid off this time, Luke was Open class 1st and Best Male 2nd and received his first certificate. 

Imbrez Lucky Luke BM2 with CAC at Hyvinkää


Imbrez Lucky Luke BM2 with CAC at Hyvinkää


Imbrez Lucky Me, Best Bitch with CAC

Our little girl from the Middle Finland is a wonderful mover like her mother Imbrez Green Express. The first ground in the sand didn’t really show that. After ten rounds of training she started to get hang of it and we managed to show some of her drive in the show ring as well. This was also my second time showing Nasti, and we worked better together than the first time.  Intermediate 1st, Best Bitch and BOS. How happy we are, and I believe Anna as well!

Imbrez Lucky Me BOS at Hyvinkää


BOB Noveria Smashing Game and BOS Imbrez Lucky Me at Hyvinkää

BOB Noveria Smashing Game (who also went to BIS!) and BOS Imbrez Lucky Me. Both dogs after same father Imbrez Idolizer ”Lucky”. Thank you Irina and Mihail for the picture and congratulations! Judge Borge Espeland from Norway.


Imbrez Lucky Me BOS at Hyvinkää

Dogs on the left Nasti (Lucky Me), in the middle Pyry (Plan Included) and with Suvi is Luke (Lucky Luke). Thank you Johanna for taking this great picture of Suvi and me! And another thanks again to great owners who let us borrow their dogs: Camilla, Sanna and Anna! And last but not least, dogs show groomed by Mikko who stayed home with puppies, thank you.

Best Male competition with Imbrez Lucky Luke and Suvi handling him to BM2 placement.