18.-19.7. Latvia Ogre national

Always as beautifull Park of Daugava Museum was an excellent show ground for us in this mid July weekend. Few first-timers and few more experienced on this field. Judges this weekend were Mr Viktoras Avtusko on saturday and Mrs Oksana Babula on sunday.

On saturday BOS on Black and silvers to Myla’s Awesome ”Stake My Reputation!!”

On Salt & Peppers BOB to Junior class winner Imbrez My Monster To Love, handled by H.Jussilaa nd

BOS to multi ch Imbrez Green Light District

On Sunday on Salt & Peppers

BOB to multi ch Imbrez Green Light District and

BOS to Imbrez My Monster to Love

On Black & Silvers BOS and a NEW Latvian CH to Myla’s Awesome ”Stake My REPutation!!”

And One more time Imbrez My Monster To Love.

Thanks for pics to Ivo and Hanna.