18.6. Raisio Group Show

Almost like a home show. We were most afraid of the dark clouds in the sky and possibility for rain. Honourable breeder judge Mrs Catharina Almroth judged 21 Miniature Schnauzers of which 4 Imbrez. It was nice to see very experienced judge finding out the best and the worst things from our dogs and she did explain all her judgements. Boy, that was fun. 

Anyway I have to lift up one great thing of the day: Ilona (Imbrez Fenway Faitfull) had her 3rd show ever and had her second certificate being Best Of Breed. We all have seen how much Niina has worked with Ilona and this really has been paid off. 

Imbrez Drop The Bomb

Imbrez Drop The Bomb BOS at Raisio

Ferro was in the Champion class for the first time. Suvi was quite relaxed and showed Ferro very nicely again. Result today was Best Of Opposite. Below BOS and BOB.

Imbrez Drop The Bomb moves at Raisio

Imbrez Drop The Bomb BOS At Raisio

Imbrez Lucky Luke

Imbrez Lucky Luke BM3 at Raisio

Yes Luke’s coat was now totally over… And I even started to pull that directly after the ring. But in the ring we had already a much better co-work with Luke than what we had in Mustiala week ago (when he was Best Of Opposite). And he is a great mover with outstanding silhuette and now he also showed himself as he should 🙂 Result today Best Male 3rd.

Imbrez Lucky Luke moves at Raisio

Imbrez All Included

Imbrez All Included BB2 at Raisio

Excellent grooming again from Heidi. And how fun they had in the ring. We only need some more reach for the movements and that would be all.

Great work Heidi! Result: Best Bitch 2nd with reserve certificate, again.


Imbrez Fenway Faithfull

Imbrez Fenway Faithfull BOB At Raisio

First and maybe the only show this year for Ilona. She also had one show last year… Last year Best Of Opposite and this year Best Of Breed. That sounds a bit odd, but indeed we are extremely happy about the results. Just great work Niina!

Imbrez Fenway Faithfull BOB At Raisio