16.6. Aura Group Show

Few hours sleep after the Saturday’s Speciality and here we go again. New dogs, new groomings and to Aura. Thistime the distance was only 30 km and after saturday it was almost refreshing. As was the rain before the final ring. Huge thanks to our judge mrs Petra Junehall from Sweden.  

Kerttu at AuraOn Salt and Peppers

We had possibility to show Imbrez Too Bizzy (Kerttu) to care to BOB and our Imbrez HaveYou Ever (Ilmo) to BOS. Kerttu has been in the rings several times, but she really learned to show herself on saturday in Porvoo. And this was a result of a great ”Kerttu!” attitude.  

Ilmo at AuraIlmo had his third time in the ring. Last time was three weeks ago in Rauma. Jussi had defenitely trained Ilmo alot these days. The difference was huge. Ilmo showed himself as never before and yes results were great. Thank You Jussi and Marko for your work for these results.  

Martti BOB at AuraOn blacks

Imbrez Get Bizzy (Jaakko) and Imbrez Black Drop (Martti) competed in Junior Class. Jaakko has been there and done that many times before and Martti had his second time in ring. So Youmight beleave we were a bit surprised when 9 months old Martti won Junior Class. And even more surprised we were when he took males and BOB. Ok, We can understand this… when You love old type harsh black coat compined to today’s type and long enough movements and at the same time thereal schnauzer attitude. 

One more key to these results was Family Engström’s work for Martti. Obedience andJunior handler courses has made the right kind of foundation to Martti’s show possibilities. Thank You Carita!

Watch out for this Young and handsome fella in the future. He well beworth it!

Martti at Aura