16.5. Rauma All Breed

Rauma National show was not as ”springy and close to summer” as one could expect, but with only 5 degrees. However, it was SUMMER show and outside. Against all odds, we showed today two salt & peppers and two black and silvers. As one was champion already, two certificates was a good result from Judge Magdalena Kozlowska from Poland.

Imbrez Womanizer EXC3 and CQ from Rauma

Imbrez Womanizer

”Samu’s” second show was not as good as the first one, but it still was brilliant. Bigger show with many times more dogs (all 10 FCI groups and 61 Miniature Schnauzers). He did not move this time as great as week ago, but he still moved with nice drive and as you can see the standing was defenitely on his own level. Thank you Sanna. 

Imbrez Womanizer 3 in his class

Imbrez Womanizer 3 in his class

Imbrez Lucky Lady Best Bitch and Best Of Opposite at Rauma

Imbrez Lucky Lady

”Lara” opened her box of wins today with taking the bitches. She was also almost as good as last weekend in Harjavalta, but this time with the results we expected. It is always lovely to hear from judge that: ”I just love her and she loves to be in the ring.” Yes, today she was there where she belongs. Thank you again Sari.

D'Altomonte Guindilla BB3 with CERT at Rauma

D’Altomonte Guindilla

When the first Kati’s dogs came to Turku and to Nora, I promised to groom them and maybe also show them. That was in the beginning of 2000. Today we have finally had possibility to show, not the first dogs, but our neighbour Nora’s new D’Altomonte girl. And with great results! Best Bitch 3 after two champion bitches ment that we also received the first Finnish Certificate to ”Guindi”. This girl defenitely is a show dog! Thank you Nora and Kati for these great moments in the ring with her.

Imbrez Operas Ghost EXC3 CQ at Rauma

Imbrez Opera’s Ghost

Now for the first time in Champion class and owner handled and prepaired again. My happiness for showing this little beauty was such a short one. ”Aave” goes much better with Anniina and also looked a lot bigger with smaller handler. This time Champion class 3 without best bitch placement. Thank you Anniina.