15.12. Stockholm Nordic Winner


Nordic Winner was a great family trip

Last weekend was maybe one of the last chances to take all three father, mother and their daughter to the Nordic Winner show. The success in the show was made by our Zara, Chelines One-And-Only. This Multi Champion veteran was shown after one year’s break and she took the ring as strong as ever with NORDVW 2011 title. It is hard to guess her age when you see all that energy. Zara really is an unbelievable and unforgettable show dog. Surprising was that she was placed only BB3, which has not happened very often. But the most important thing this time was just to show her and Mikko and Zara had at least as much fun as in the old days. Zara also placed herself in the top eight in the BIS veteran competition. Zara’s was the only success for the day. Judge Hans Lehtinen (who also took the BIS veteran) decided that our Fenway and Ziri were not prepared for the show. And he meant their coats. Both got very good critics. Even worse day was to one of the best pepper and salt miniature schnauzers in Sweden this year: a green ribbon was something else than expected. We have to say that the message was clear.